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  1. LOL, Had a Gastrointestinal Infection for the past two days, sucks more than anything in life.
  2. Heard about this yesterday, heard new rides could be on the way as well.
  3. Thats not a whole ton of money, atleast at the rate of pay that i make. I will be there on the 27th, dont know were yet, but i know the deaprtment that i will be.
  4. If true thats not very good. Maybe its just being rehabed though?
  5. I actually think money for a flassh plash can be spent better on opening day IMO. Instead of spending money on a flash pass for lines that will proabbly not be that long, why not buy something that you will always have like a T-Shirt?
  6. EC Opens on 2/1 at 1:00, you can start being hired, and re-hired that day. I'll be there on the 6th ( can meet new people, old people, plus all the people from my new dept will be there) anyone going the 6th if you see a person going shirt/tie and suit looking like secret service its proabbly me.
  7. A-MEN, could not have said it any better. To our US Troops thank you for the brave work you do for us, protecting our freedoms, our rights and our way of life. It is because of the actions of all of you that we have the rights that we do, and that no one can take them away. God bless all of our troops, stay safe and our country thanks you for the service you do.
  8. Not yet, they should be sent out within the next two weeks.
  9. Hate that show as well, but i like Simion and wish he would stay. Simion reminds me of myself.
  10. Its just strange cause looking at the hours, FF till 8:00? One thing that seems odd is the 1st week of oct they are closing early.
  11. Not a bad thought, one thing do you really see say SFKK getting nearly the same amount of cash as say GA? From a business standpoint, it just makes little to no sense.
  12. 73 Days everyone. Geez it seems like just yesterday it was Nov. Anyone that cares 1st Job fair is 2/6/10 from 10-4
  13. Like the idea, however one thing that gets me is saftey. Is it really the safe to run a water park after the sun goes down? I know there are lights, but to what degree. Its a idea that should be played around with though IMO.
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