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  1. Maybe thats why I had to move over to Edge instead of explorer. Everything looks great
  2. I expect that there would still be a reservation system in place that limits the number of guests. It wouldn't be as crowded as usual. My thought is that the park will have to stay open as long as it can for financial reasons. They need to have guests in the park. To save money and for safety reasons it may have to be a scaled back fight fest. Possibly only decorations and no zombies, cutting back on payroll.
  3. I received a survey for "Six Flags Halloween Event Planning" on the 21st. The questions were about ways they could change the event and how safe I would feel about returning.
  4. Maybe he can encounter the bumble. Bumbles bounce you know.
  5. Thanks everyone!!! I appreciate you
  6. The Master, you can always be counted on to bring me back down to reality when I get overly optimistic. Your pessimism is always appreciated.
  7. Happy Birthday ThemeParkRider and Great Adventurer!!!!!
  8. Happy Belated Harry. I hope you have kept the party going.
  9. It was a lot of fun to drive through the monkey/baboons in a pickup that didn't have a cap or cover. They would sit around on the bed rail as I made my way through their area. One actually tried to escape by laying down in the bed of my truck when we got close to the exit. The keeper came over and chased him out. I guess it was a regular occurrence.
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