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  1. The State of the Park Going Forward

    LOL In the first few rows, near the picnic area, you couldn't drive a Vet or anything low because of the size of the holes. I have a Fusion and would go around them if I could. I don't think that any other place in the lot was ever as bad as over there. It was almost dangerous to walk LOL
  2. The State of the Park Going Forward

    I haven't parked in much more than the first 5 or 6 rows of the non preferred parking area but I think that was the worst area of the lot. That area has been repaved and it is a pleasure to park over there.
  3. Fright Fest 2017

    I agree The park is most crowded on Fridays and Saturdays for FF and it gets to a point that you cant tell if its any more or less crowded. As soon as the lot is full and they move cars to HH for parking you cant tell how much more crowded it is, its just packed. I also agree that during FF the most fun is seeing the decorations and how the people react to the ghouls. The worst part of FF, trying to exit at the end of the night. I've been as much as 2 hours trying to get out of the parking lot.
  4. Fright Fest 2017

    I thought the same thing. I thought I was going to run through the park in my hour and a half but the park was not as empty as I thought. So when Fright Fest was going to start I assume it was going to/did fill up
  5. Fright Fest 2017

    I got there today at 3:30 and left at 5. Nitro and El Toro are the only coasters I made it on. Nitro was only a 15 minute wait and El Toro was a 30minute wait. I wonder when they closed.
  6. El Toro/KK loose article policy

    I assume that was they turned away ever single rider with a phone or something that is expected to not be on the ride.
  7. FantasticLand - A Thriller

    Thanks for the recommendation. My kindle is loaded with Dean Koontz books. Since I just finished one maybe its time to slip one book from another author in there.
  8. LOL I'm partial to Batman's. Black is slimming. LOL
  9. GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  10. The Future of Old Country?

    LOL how could we forget Aquaman?
  11. El Toro/KK loose article policy

    I wish that wasn't true but it is.
  12. Hurricane Irma Closes Orlando Theme Parks

    I'm sorry Harry. At least you made it home safe.
  13. New for 2018-- Cyborg Spin

    Maybe the screams will enhance some shows.
  14. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom - NOW OPEN!

    If only we could trust people to do as they are instructed. You know, the way people have been doing as instructed in the park all along.