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  1. My theory is that Rdueq IS the person in the video. Mind blown
  2. I renewed my pass for $68.99 and the meal plan for 78.99. It seems like the season pass is up a couple of bucks. I don't remember for sure.
  3. Just got a call from my wife. She got an email announcing the Flash Sale Pre-Sale. Check your email for the link. I couldn't find it on the park web page but she said there is a link in the email.
  4. This might be the record for RMC Raptors in one post. At the very least its the most rapid shot. Until now.... I don't know if it will be an RMC Raptor but maybe it will be an RMC Raptor. An RMC Raptor might fit in that space so it could be an RMC Raptor but it may not be an RMC Raptor after all. Well, if it is an RMC Raptor I will enjoy the new RMC Raptor but if it isn't an RMC Raptor maybe an RMC Raptor will come next year. So in conclusion, we may get an RMC Raptor but we might not get an RMC Raptor. If we don't get an RMC Radaptor, maybe it will be an RMC Raptor in 2021, the year of the RMC Raptor. Does anyone know if we are getting an RMC Raptor or if we aren't getting an RMC Raptor? I hope its an RMC Raptor that is a record breaking RMC Raptor. That RMC Raptor would be my favorite RMC Raptor above any other RMC Raptor. Unless its an RMC T-Rex Ok, I will stop saying RMC Raptor until the next time I say RMC Raptor. RMC Raptor. I thought I should get one more in there.
  5. I got it, Deja Vu will be re-themed to The Riddler BAM all guessing can end.
  6. You know what really grinds my gears? When people think fences aren't for them. The fences are to make a place only for you. While at the park on Friday and standing between Dark Knight and Batman, I saw a young girl, probably 14, climbing over the Batmobile and at one point STANDING on the roof. I'm not sure why I'm surprised about this next part, someone who I expect was her father was taking pictures of her posing on the hood. He wasn't telling her to get out of there. He was telling her to pose.
  7. I was there with ya on Friday!!! I didn't get to ride Wonder Woman but my kids did. I was happy to see it up and running.
  8. I don't expect to be alive when I'm 92 and surly not when 132. You will have it to tell me how it turns out.
  9. At that point every post by SSF should start with "I told you so"
  10. OK, I think I can answer them all now.
  11. I was only able to catch a few seconds of this video on the FOX 5 morning news before I left for work but thought I would share it with you now. http://www.fox5ny.com/news/exclusive-tour-of-the-american-dream-mega-mall
  12. We were looing for pins last weekend in all of the shops at the entrance but couldn't find them. Where are pins displayed/sold?
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