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  1. We were looing for pins last weekend in all of the shops at the entrance but couldn't find them. Where are pins displayed/sold?
  2. Yea, I stopped looking at this and thought I would come back when we started getting hints but I have been seeing the bold print for a few weeks and had to look. Oh, I read someplace that we are getting a new Enterprise. I thought I would go small on my rumor.
  3. He knows something. Harry always knows something.
  4. I thought maybe that red dot was the location for the T-Rex!!!!! Sorry, had to say it.
  5. You know what really grinds my gears? When its Jun 4th and I haven't been to the park yet.
  6. A brick is all it will be after hitting the ground, or my head.
  7. And one more. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!
  8. That's funny. I would probably go for a low score at some point just to get the harassment.
  9. You guys are doing great, I love the year books. I'm having trouble keeping up with you.
  10. Right? Those are the rides to take your date on. Awkwaaaard
  11. Happy belated birthday!!! You aren't wishing for Six Flags TV videos?
  12. I put my oldest daughter on this when she was small. She hated it!!
  13. That sounds really cool and interesting to learn where you came from.
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