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  1. scott

    willy wonka dark ride

    Exactly. Remake
  2. scott

    willy wonka dark ride

    Not even close. There is no way to make that analogy work or make sense. Both movies essentially tell the same story they were released by the same production company and shown using the same media so in a sense it is a remake/reboot. Calling Sonic a Nintendo game is not calling it a remake/reboot. Oh, and nobody does this, you can play Sonic games on all of the platforms, except a Sega Genesis unless you have one. (I do)
  3. scott

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    OR, El diablo de Nueva Jersey
  4. scott

    Fright Fest 2018

    I'm not sure why they're idiots. It's a challenge they want to take and it sounds like it could be fun to try. I would enjoy a 30 hour nap. Hmmm, maybe I'm an idiot.
  5. scott

    Misc GA Mumblings

    I didn't see anything on the park page but I believe the gates close at 8:00 even on days when the park closes at midnight like tonight.
  6. scott

    Fright Fest 2018

    Thanks Lemur. I actually agree with you and I don't think the stunt arena is going anywhere. I was just kidding. I don't know where the theming is derived from. I always assumed it was the movies as it had felt like they opened close together. Oh, and since Shazam seems like it will be a fun super hero movie and not as dark as other DC movies I think it would be better theming for a ride geared towards the younger crowd. I(f it was to be used as the theme for anything.
  7. scott

    Fright Fest 2018

    It just seems logical. Who needs a source, where else would a T-Rex go? I hear it will be called Shazam! A little late for the movie but a name that hasn't been used yet.
  8. scott

    GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Yoshi!!!!!!!!! I remember 36. I think.
  9. scott

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    We're getting a second Ka? Oh, will it be a little bigger? Will GA strap on a second Jaro right away this time? Hahahahahahahaha
  10. scott

    Misc GA Mumblings

    No Sir, not gonna happen.
  11. scott

    Batman: The Ride

    I cant say that I've heard the sound effects in the queue in years.
  12. scott

    GAH Staff Announcements!

    Congratulations Tbone!!!!
  13. scott

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I think most of those rumors started right here by one source.
  14. scott

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I would be happy with the Enterprise 2G with the classic or suspended gondolas like St Louis is getting.
  15. scott

    GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    And Happy Birthday to you Dougdrummer!!!!