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  1. There are some questions that may not be stupid questions the first time you read it. Maybe not even the second but when the question comes back around over and over and over and over and over..... it could become stupid.
  2. Was at the park on Friday. the only long wait was for Nitro. It was a good night for the park.
  3. Love the old cars and busses. Well, they weren't old at the time.
  4. My wife tried to bring in a bottle of Vitamin Water and they told her to get rid of it.
  5. Happy Birthday Yoshi!!!!! Have a great one.
  6. I have my swimmies on already so when the seas swallow NJ I can just float into PA.
  7. Happy Birthday iheartGA and Flyin Phil!!!! Oh, Phil, welcome to the 50s
  8. I got the same one but I thought it was more about long hair on men. it had lots of example pictures with men with buns and different styles of pony tales.
  9. I'm heading to the park today. The rain should stop in a couple of hours. If you're there and see a bearded guy in a Bartman T-shirt say hi.
  10. I think the only difference you will notice is the Justice League, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman along with the improvements to that area. There have been some food option changes but I don't remember what those are with the exception of Cold Stone leaving.
  11. Well that's the funny thing, It was only Moon Flume for 2 years. 1976 to 1978. It was one variation of Splash Down or another during the years I visited the park most during a season but it was still Moon Flume to me. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/HydroFlume.htm I do agree with some of the posts that said it would be nice to have all of the kiddy rides in a specific area. I hope they don't get rid of the Road Runner Railway as I believe someone mentioned. Its a nice little coaster for the little ones.
  12. First, I too have only ever referred to that ride as the Moon Flume. Just like Congo Rapids is always referred to as Roaring Rapids by me. To be sure we are all talking about the same land, and I had to look at the rides section of Great Adventure History to make sure I wasn't insane, Roaring Rapids/Congo Rapids is Adventure Rivers. The Moon Flume was installed as the Hydro Flume and ended its life as Riptide. I did enjoy looking back at the pictures of the Moon Flume. It made me miss it after not thinking about it for a while. In conclusion, I think "Where the rivers once flowed..." would be the moon Flume, or as I have relearned today Hydro Flume, Ride the Rapids, Splash Down, Kodak's Splash Down, Irrawaddy Riptide, or Poland Springs Plunge.
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