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GAH's request for Spotlight Material

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We are looking for Fright Fest show schedules from 1997, 1998, and 2001. If you have any of these, we would appreciate it if you could scan and share those with us at feedback@greatadventurehistory.com. Thanks! Edited by 29yrswithaGApass
We have these now! No longer need!
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While we're looking for as many pictures of the park as we can get, there are a few special requests on our list right now:


-Pictures of the Tilt-A-Whirl at the park

-Pictures of the old Italian Ice stands (with the slanted red & white striped poles)

-Pictures of Kong Photo

-Pictures of Fotozine stand

-Pictures of the Computer Portraits kiosk

-Pictures of the Shooting Galleries (Western, Safari and Chicago Shootout)

-Pictures of the sipper carts

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Quest for Camelot Nights was a "nighttime spectacular" held in the Great Lake Grandstands during the late '90s. Based on the Time Warner animated film Quest for Camelot, the show featured fireworks, water screen technology, and special lighting which had been installed around the Great Lake.


Does anyone have any photos or video of Quest for Camelot that they could share for a future Spotlight?




I believe we have struck Quest for Camelot Nights gold! :breakdance: Stay tuned!

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