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Great Adventure from Above Puzzles

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Here's another game for our Goodtime Alley section of the forums. Everyone is welcome to play and anyone can post their puzzle (one at a time please). You will need access to Google Earth if you are posting a puzzle.


The object of the game is to identify the item that is displayed in the GA aerial (satellite) photo. Take a guess and if no one answers correctly, a photo from a higher elevation is shown. Up to four photos can be used, one at a time each further from Earth, ultimately to show the clear image of the structure on GA's property. (Note: There is no need to blur any of the photos, they are unclear when you zoom in really close).


Good luck!


Puzzle #1 - Photo #1: What is this?



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Wow Eric, you are good! You must fly through those "Where's Waldo?" books! :)


"Where's Waldo", not really. But I did spend a lot of time with those "Magic Eye" pictures and I am now permanently bug-eyed! :eek:


Now, for a new birds-eye view of the park!



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