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What are a few of your favorite things?

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Yesterday I heard this song played on an all-Christmas music station and it got me thinking. What are some of your favorite GA things?



Here are several of mine- most are pretty simple but these just seem to have something memorable to them for me.


• Riding the Log Flume at night

• Listening to the Big Wheel’s tires growl after it rains

• Rolling Thunder when it races

• The smell of newly placed mulch in the springtime

• The pause of the parachute at the top of the ride before it begins to descend

• Anticipating opening day

• Hearing the bell clank before the bucket dumps at Discovery Bay in Hurricane Harbor

• Listening to the narrator in the Safari explain the differences between a wallaby and wallaroo and a wallaroo and kangaroo

• The vibration of the Skyride cars going over the rollers atop the Skyride towers

• The park going dark just before the Glow in the Park parade

• Sitting in the Northern Star Arena at dusk on a summer’s night admiring the park’s skyline over the top of the arena

• The serenity of dining on the lakeside patio at the Best of the West BBQ

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Being in the park when it is not crowded, the emptier the better


Going along with that, also being the only one on a coaster train


Power riding the B&M coasters in the park


Looking at all the various ride parts while riding Nitro that are to the right of the ride near the first drop


Going to the arcades (especially the Boardwalk Game Center) since I have none near me except family entertainment centers that don't have good games


Walking through the Golden Kingdom and noticing all the details


Trying to notice all the props in Skull Mountain that are sometimes not visible due to the darkness like the tiki mask near the first drop

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The "park smell"


Walking up Dream Street towards the Carousel on a beautiful sunny day


Best of the West


Wandering through the park on a winter day with snow on the ground


The sound the Skyride cars make as they engage the cable rolling out of the station


The swell of the music for the Glow in the Park Parade as the cadence ends and the verse begins



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One of my favorite "past" things in the Park, was riding in the long channel at ground level before the lift on the Moon Flume. Don't ask me why, but I used to love that. Nowaday's, it's coming in the Gate and making the decision of witch way to go first, Left or Right at the Fountain.

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Going to the park with a whole lot of friends. At least 10-15 people.


The Log Flume at night is awesome on a hot night.


Nitro in the back seats in the dark.


The Big Wheel at night at the top seeing all the lights.


The Sky Ride coming from Skull Mountain looking over the park during the day.


The Sky ride coming from Runaway Train at night.


The smell of Johnny Rockets burgers cooking away as you stand in line waiting to sink you teeth into one.


Seeing Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck and friends by the fountain when you first come in the park.


The elephants tossing dirt on each other in a playful manner in the safari.


The ostrich that tried to eat my friends camera through the window even though the window was closed.


There are so many good things I think about when I am driving down to GAdv and when I get there, so many more thing happen and the list grows and grows.

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Nitro! I've only been on it 3 times now, but I'm hooked. Got some great pics and a video of Nitro from last Saturday... http://themeparkrider.webs.com



Just an FYI-- We do not allow the posting of illegal POV videos on our site. Bringing any kind of camera on a ride at the park other than the Skyride, Big Wheel or Carousel is strictly forbidden and can result in your Season Pass being revoked and your banning from the property. In the State of New Jersey any time you do something like that which is specifically listed as against the rules, it's also considered a violation of the law and could even lead to being arrested.

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one of my favorite things is when im riding Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train when it gets to the drop, the Buccaneer is timed just right and it looks like it is about to hit you. :)

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The "park smell"

I thought I was tyhe only one who realized that? If you took away my sense of sight and put me in Six Flags kids I could swaer I was at the Pirates gifts shop in WDW!


One of my favorite things is the feeling of going down Rolling thunder's drop that for the last two seconds, you wish it would end, but then when it's over you miss it.

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That is cool. I'm always surprised how forceful Blackbeard's is, especially riding in the back! :D


Nah, car 16 is where it's at if you ask me. The very back gets no airtime since the front of the train is already going up the next hill when it's going over the previous one, but I've fond 16 to be the spot for optimum pop.

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being in the park before its open or after its closed. i love being one of the handful of employees in the whole place. although it can get spooky after all the lights go out.


when im in the tower in the parking lot, the general sound of the park, the screams, the b&m roars, the intamin farts and all the music drifting my way, its great.


standing on supermans exit ramps watching everyone leave at night, all the lights and sounds of people laughing, it makes me feel like i did my job


and of course the people, i love our guests, it gets me up in the morning and i look forward to meeting all kinds of people


seeing a big crowd of employees come in for the morning shift and having daffy, buggs and other guys in the mix, its sureal

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Nah, car 16 is where it's at if you ask me. The very back gets no airtime since the front of the train is already going up the next hill when it's going over the previous one, but I've fond 16 to be the spot for optimum pop.



I'll have to try that car today when I go to the park. I didn't know you could get airtime on that coaster at all.

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