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"Amusement Park" by Robert Stuart Nathan

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Has anyone ever read the book "Amusement Park" by Robert Stuart Nathan? It was first published in 1977 and the inside book jacket reads as follows:


It is Memorial Day, Olympic Adventure, the world’s largest amusement park, is opening its gates for its fifth season – one that already promises to be troubled. The park is on the verge of catastrophe, both financial and physical. In the intense summer heat, the highways of New Jersey are jammed with cars by mid-morning as 80,000 people seek respite from the streaming pavements of the Eastern cities. Olympic Adventure offers them a giant stage to play out their fantasies- an African safari, a Wild West rodeo, gladiatorial combat in ancient Rome. Then there are the thrills, the controlled dangers of the rides- the world’s largest Ferris wheel, the Sky Chariot, the Bobsled, the Waterfall. All this and more for the price of admission. It is the fantasy-become reality of an impractical genius, designer Gabriel Bloom. It is the corporate nightmare of Cole Cunningham, the head of the tottering conglomerate, Hampshire Industries. For general manager Brad Hawkins, lately come from Disneyland and in love with Cole’s wife, Alexis, it is the opportunity of a lifetime. For the crowd of 80,000 that Memorial Day, Olympic Adventure is a fiery holocaust, a grandiose illusion turned to ashes.


It is by no means the greatest book but it is interesting to note some of the parallels to the grand scope of Warner LeRoy's original park proposal.



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I was just doing reserach on this book ...Having just read the spotlight on "Building a Great Adventure"...yep read it..And a must read for any GA fan past or present. The book also talks about the designer living inNy, And taking a helicopter to the park. ANd a restarubt thaat looks like the Kremlin ...And more if you own it read it again. If you dont get a copy.

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