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August 31st is almost here! Im in NC, will they be available in Barnes and nobles or books a million? Or would I have to get it offline? Which I really hate doing..


It's available online on all the major bookseller's sites. The link to the book on Amazon is on our homepage. It is also expected to be available in bookstores in the Northeast.

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Barnes and Noble on Staten Island does not have the book yet. I also called Menlo Park's store and the one in Clark, also nada.

Anyone know if the park has it's copies yet? I'll just scoot over there and get one. I usually have a very good temper, but I am ready to "borrow" one of the Rhinos from the Safari and have him start trampling bookcases at Barnes and Noble.

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I was in the Barnes and Nobel at Hamilton Marketplace this evening and I guess a few people have been asking about the much anticipated release of your book. Without hesitation or assistance from the computer, the clerk was able to tell me that the book would be in on Tuesday (9/8/09) and the authors will also be in for a book signing in October. Congrats again guys!

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Here's a list of other places that now have the book for sale:


Book Garden Book Shop


Sun Ray Drugs-books and postcards


Bayshore Pharmacy-books and postcards


Robbins Pharmacy


Butler’s Deli


Scott’s Country Market


Professional Pharmacy


West End Family Pharmacy


Little Silver Family Pharmacy-books and postcards


Walgreens-West Hampton location

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Harry, I can't remember if I sent you my address? Here it is again.

Gary Hill

9833 CR 2514

Eustace, Tx 75124




Yep, I have it Gary. The book was mailed out (along with our contest winners' books) on Tuesday so you should probably have it tomorrow!

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^ & ^^

Happy to hear you guys like the book! The hardest part in writing it was getting it down to 128 pages and about 225 pictures. We tend to be a little lengthy and in-depth with out Spotlights on this site so we needed to drastically change our approach and be pretty selective with everything. We also wanted to make sure it had a lot of material unique to just the book. We do have more than enough material for Volumes II and III so you never now!



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