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Warner LeRoy's Tavern on the Green

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Donald Trump to ask city if he can run Tavern on the Green


NY Post

Last Updated: 7:22 AM, January 28, 2011

Posted: 1:24 AM, January 27, 2011


The Donald wants to reopen The Tavern to make boatloads of Green again.


Real-estate mogul Donald Trump last night said he will ask the city to grant him the right to run the now-closed, landmark Tavern on the Green restaurant in Central Park -- vowing to restore it to gustatory glory with a $20 million redevelopment investment.


Trump's revelation came after he reached a deal yesterday with the union that represents Tavern's former employees.


He said it would give the union a five-year contract and between 400 to 500 jobs at the city-owned building.



ART OF THE MEAL: Donald Trump has a deal in place with a workers union and would pour $20 million into Tavern on the Green



"It's very important that Tavern on the Green be reopened, and I'm doing it really as a gift for the city and a gift for the park, and we'd make a truly beautiful building, more beautiful than it ever was in the past," Trump told The Post.


"I could have it built and operating in a year."


He added that he would also rebuild the eatery's glittery Crystal Room, which the city ripped down last summer, and rehire workers who wanted their old jobs back. "All the city has to say is, 'Go to it,' " Trump said.


Trump promised that if the city gives him a 20-year lease, he'd return Tavern to the ranks of the world's top-earning eateries.


Jason Post, a spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg, said, "The city is not ready to announce any future plans for Tavern on the Green and has not had any discussions with possible restaurant operators."


The Tavern, once the world's highest-grossing restaurant, closed New Year's Day 2010 after declaring bankruptcy.


The city later granted the current operator of the Central Park Boathouse, Dean Poll, the right to reopen and operate the restaurant. But Poll was unable to cut a required deal with the Hotel and Motel Trades Council union that represents former workers.


Trump then saw his opportunity at the Tavern -- albeit one that his company had apparently already anticipated nearly two years ago.


The developer and the union, whose members already staff the Trump SoHo and Trump International hotels, said they opened talks six months ago.


"Once he called me and said, 'I'd like to talk to you,' I was extremely optimistic that we'd come to a deal," said Peter Ward, president of the Hotel and Motel Trades Council. "We have a long and good history with him."


Although Trump first approached the union on the idea last summer, he -- or some other bright person in his organization -- had the Tavern in his sights up to two years ago.


A check of GoDaddy.com, a company that sells Internet domain names, shows that "The Trump Organization," which listed its address on Fifth Avenue, bought the rights to the name TrumpTavernontheGreen.com all the way back on Feb. 3, 2009 -- 11 months before the Tavern shuttered its doors.


The registration was first reported this morning by Elliotsblog.com, a Web blog that reports on domain name investing, news and tips.


But last night, when asked if he would actually slap his name on the restaurant -- as he has famously done with hotels, casinos and apartment buildings -- The Donald chuckled and said, "It would be called Tavern on the Green. I don't think every place needs to be called Trump."


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Tavern on the Green will reopen in the fall of 2013; Bloomberg administration taps as the new operator the Emerald Green Group, based out of Philadelphia


The famed Central Park eatery closed in January 2010 amid a labor dispute


By Benjamin Lesser / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS


Thursday, August 16, 2012, 6:35 PM



The Tavern on the Green will make its Central Park return in the fall of 2013 under a new operator, the Bloomberg administration announced.




The city has selected a new operator for Tavern on the Green restaurant, more than two years after the famous Central Park eatery closed it doors.


The Parks Department announced Wednesday that the Emerald Green Group, based out of Philadelphia, has been tapped to operate a new, “high-quality, casual” restaurant at the historic location.


After the tourist magnet closed in January 2010, the prime location became a visitors center before being shuttered earlier this summer for a $9.8 million renovation.


The restaurant shut its doors after Mayor Bloomberg was unable to mediate an agreement to bridge difference on wages and benefits between the restaurant’s previous operator and the union that represented 400 Tavern employees.


The new restaurant, which will retain the Tavern on the Green name, will serve contemporary American food when it reopens in the fall of 2013, according to a spokesman for the Emerald Green Group.

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Source Daily News


Tavern on the Green reopens with bucolic styling, modern menu

Date: April 22, 2014


Tourist trap no more: Tavern on the Green is back!


The New York restaurant icon, which closed in 2009 after a decade long decline into punchline status, has been reopened and revived by Philadelphia native Jim Caiola and partner David Salama.


Insiders got a taste of chef Katy Sparks’ “locavore” menu at a “friends and family” opening Tuesday night. The public won’t get to book birthdays, Mothers Days, weddings and graduations until the official opening next month.


Sparks’ food is a far cry from the ersatz Italian dishes at the old Tavern, famously dubbed “Crap-hole on the Green” in one of the more polite Yelp posts before the restaurant closed.


Her well-thought-out, modern urban-farmhouse menu is broken up into three main segments: "the hearth," "the grill" and "the plancha." Dishes include a wood-roasted Japanese eggplant, a braised lamb shank with pickled raisins, a heritage breed pork chop with fennel, and a "local duck egg on a spring onion."


“It’s not fancy food, but it’s very carefully put together,” she told the Daily News earlier this year. “It’s meant to be an everyday experience.”


In addition to a new menu, Caiola and Salama banished previous owner Warner LeRoy’s Vegas glitz in favor of an all-American Ralph Lauren look befitting Tavern’s original incarnation.

The city — which owns the building — spent $16 million to strip Tavern to its LeRoy vestiges, restoring its gorgeous facade and exposing its bones.


Caiola and Salama then spent another $17 million to create multiple atmopheres in the many rooms, including a farmhouse South Wing, a smaller Crystal Room with floor-to-ceiling windows onto the park and an open kitchen, and a clubby bar in the front.


But the joint is still huge: there are 350 seats inside and, for the first time, 350 outdoor seats.


"Everyone we talked to had an opinion about what it should look like because of everyone's connection to the place," Salama told the News. "I'm overjoyed how it turned out."

One thing that may not change will be Tavern’s dominance as a celebrity haunt.


For much of the 1970s and ’80s, Tavern hosted the likes of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Yankee ballplayers and virtually every Broadway opening night party — all pulled in by the over-the-top showmanship of LeRoy.


But extravagance, a worsening reputation, and (some say) onerous union contracts led to a bankruptcy filing and shuttering in 2009.


Author: Michael Kaminer, Gersh Kuntzman


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My first visit to Taven on the Green was on a Sunday early afternoon in 1977 and it was wonderfull. As a mater of fact they were still serving the lunch menu. We were sitted in the Crystal Room and ordered some house wine, Honey stung fried chicken which was severed with steak house fries and slaw.And NY cheesecake with strawberrys and coffee. It was all served with style and flair and took three servers to bring it out. A wine stuart, a waiter, a kitchen runner. Pretty fussy for a lunch but great. Still working for the parkl at this time I looked around and got a feeling Ive been here before. The Crystal Room had a very Gingerbread Fanncy feel, over the top but there. NExt door to there was the Tavern Room and on the wall was very large golden oribs. Merry go round Horses, And soft pastel colors, and mirrors. OMG Yum YUm Palace, ANd behind the hosts Station and up a flight of stairs was another room The TImber Room done with exposed timbers and wood, very rustic. Best of the West. Warner also had a love of lattice work and white, often using awings of bright yellow for contrast, which was used out on the patio area at Tavern and at Bandstand by the Lake in the park. Now the question is did the park designg infuance the Tavern or was it the other way around?

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