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Our 2nd Anniversary Trivia Challenge!

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If our three winners could email their addresses to us at feedback@greatadventurehistory.com, we can send you your prizes! Please just include a note as to whether you want the book signed or not.


Also Michelle, please feel free to pick ten "Available" items in the Trading Post that are offered by GreatAdventureHistory.com (those with my id on them), and we will be sure to send those to you too!

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Michelle has made her prize selections- good choices! :thumbup1: These items will still remain on the Trading Post as we have more than one of each item available.


All prizes will be sent out as soon as the book comes out in a couple of weeks.


GreatAdventureHistory.com Contests.... people do really win! :)



1970's tiger patch



1979 bell ringer pinback button



1974 souvenier booklet



1980's rainbow patch



safari viewmaster set



1988 poster size map



1970's bumper sticker



1983 pamphlet



1985 pamphlet



1981 pamphlet



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YAY!!!! Though I didn't win first place, it's good enough that I'm getting a copy of the book :D

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