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Dinn Corp Coasters - Ouch!

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I was flipping through RCDB.com the other day and ended up looking at a listing of roller coasters built by Dinn Corp. I couldn't help but notice how many of these relatively new rides are no longer operating, and the vast majority of the rest have terrible reputations as being rough and unenjoyable.


Many of them have been reprofiled and retracked with little success. With Six Flags investing $10 million to rehab the Texas Giant for 2011, I really hope it pays off and becomes a signature attraction. With Dinn's track record you have to wonder!




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Dinn Coasters are very easy to spot out. Wildcat at Lake Compounce was rebuilt by the Dinn Corperation in the 1980's, and trust me...you can sure feel the difference between that and the newly GCI rebuild of Boulder Dash!


Though, in my honest opinion, more parks need William Cobb coasters ;)

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