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Carowinds announces Intimidator for 2010

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Click here for the Intimidator site!



Physical Dimensions:

Track Length: 5,316'

Highest Peak: 232'

Height of First Drop: 211'

Angle of First Drop: 74°

Height of Other Hills: 178’, 151’, 105’, 90’, 62’, 52’, 48’

Total Drops: 8 (including initial drop)


Time, Speed, Capacity:

Fastest Speed: 75-80 mph

Ride Time: 3 minutes, 33 seconds

Hourly Capacity:: 1,600 riders

Number of Trains: Three

Train Description: Each train has 8 cars with four seats per car (32-passenger)


Structure & Design:

Ride Structure: 3,391,200 lbs.

Track: 1,567,000 lbs.

Supports: 1,500,100 lbs.

Braking System: Combination of magnetic and friction brakes

Acres Covered: 10 acres

Manufacturer: Bolliger and Mabillard



Investment: $23 million


Scheduled Debut:

Date: Spring 2010

Ride Guidelines: Guests must be at least 54" tall


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