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What's your favorite photo from the book

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We incorporated hundreds of "new" old photos in the book (and from the book came the postcards), so which one is your favorite and why?


My favorite may be the shot of the original front gate. I've had that as my desktop wallpaper ever since we got it :D


It's my favorite because I think I learned more about the park and had more questions answered with that picture than any other.

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My favorite picture in the book is the photo of the Wild Rider (Huss Troika) ride. For years, the only photo I ever saw of this ride was the tiny image in the Enchanted Forest View Master reel. You can really see a lot of the details in the book photo. With its ornate paint job, you can see why Wild Rider was once referred to as Wild Flower.

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Harry and Tom,


Finally had the book shipped out here to Los Angeles. Got it Wednesday and finished it Friday, and I must say KUDOS to both of you with your research and background facts.


Just so many memories flowing through my mind again. The one I loved the most was that shot you took of the sky Ride (from the fort) and then you can see the Big Wheel up in the horizon. Classic stuff!!!!


I loved those other photos of Lightning Loops, the Troika and Mike Douglas on the Grand Prix. I still recall that broadcast he did from GA.


I also learned you guys have quite a sense of humor with that caption about the Enterprise (Page 71). LOL!


At any rate, a FOUR-STAR book!

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How about this then?


On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the best...give it an 11. You guys captured what the place was/is all about.


I haven't been to the park since 1983, but I can assure you when looking at those pictures and the text, it was as if I had gone back in time riding those rides all over again.


That's because of you!

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There are so many great pictures, it's hard to pick a favorite.

I really like the architect drawing of Rolling Thunder, since that was the brand new ride the first year I ever went. I remember before the park opened that year, there were promotional coupons that we got at a special convention at the Staten Island Armory, and that drawing was on it. It was one of those things that is buried and forgotten for decades in the back of one's memory, then seeing that single picture in the book instantly brings back all the memories from that time. So many rides, long gone, but happily not forgotten.


The construction shots are always interesting, and there are some that I don't recall seeing here on the website.

Thank you again, Harry and Tom, for putting this book together. Much appreciated!


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^ Thanks Jay, we are happy to hear you like the book and had flashbacks seeing some of those photos! It brought back a ton of memories for us too.


The vast majority of the pictures we used are "book exclusives". We still have thousands of photos that we plan to use on GAH in upcoming Spotlights and special features, but we want to make sure that if you are going to purchase the book, that it is something unique and special and worth purchasing.


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