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The GAH Time Machine Game

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While Time Warner did a lot of great things when they owned the park, one of the worst things they did was remove a lot of the trees around the park. They wanted the buildings more visible and the trees blocked the view. The best example was Yum Yum which used to be so hidden by trees you couldn't see it until you were in front of it.

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ANSWER: The correct answer is C. August 1993. Here is why -


A. May 1991 - No. Batman Stunt Arena wasn't built until 1992.

B. July 1992 - No. Freefall was still brown and blue in July 1992.

C. August 1993 - Yes!

D. July 1995 - No. By July 1995, the stunt show was Batman Forever.


Sorry, no winners on this one. :(

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