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The GAH Time Machine Game

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July 1983 indeed. "Cables Eric" astutely pointed out the "Haunted Castle" (which I didn't notice until reading his post). Freefall is in the picture, so it has to be at least 1983 (so long A!). The "Haunted Castle" fire was May 1984 IIRC (eliminating C). There's no signs of the "Looping Starship" eliminating D. (opened in 1985).

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ANSWER: It can't be A. May 1992 because the Looney Tunes Shoppe wasn't built until 1994. Also, in 1998, the Looney Tunes Shoppe was connected to the Declaration of Gifts store with passageway below eliminating C and D. Therefore, B. April 1994 is the only possible anwer.



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ANSWER: A. Oct 1994 is it!


The photo is from at least 1994 because the Right Stuff is there, but it can't be from 1997 or after because Dare Devil Dive is not pictured. That leaves only October 1994.


By the way, take note of the concrete footer in the parking lot. The new industrial strength parking lot lighting was installed over the winter of 1994/95.

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Nice job Mario!


ANSWER: D. August 1992. Captain Jack's Burger Grill was installed in 1992 as an addition to Adventure Rivers that opened in 1991.


A&C can be eliminated because the stand wasn't built yet, and B is out because Lightnin' Loops was removed before 1993.


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