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Great Train Ride

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I wish they still had something like this.  It's always a must-ride at Knoebel's, if just to see if there are any squirrels on the back turn.

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On 3/29/2015 at 5:15 PM, 29yrswithaGApass said:

I recently learned some interesting news about the construction of the Great Train ride back in 1974. The train ride, or "Choo-Choo Train" as it was referred to during park construction, was one of the more difficult projects to supervise because the crews were deep in the woods and because the project had stopped and started at various stages. The original surveying teams assigned to the train were pulled off the job for other projects in the park and as a result the train tracks were designed freestyle in the field which caused increased costs. Work was also delayed because of a dispute of who should lay the tracks - the ironworkers (because of the rails) and the carpenters (because of the railroad ties) both felt the project was theirs. In the end, the ironworkers won out but were often found sleeping in the woods causing further delays.


I discovered an article from July 21st, 1974 that wrapped up the status of the various construction projects of Great Adventure.  It mentions that the last two attractions to open were going to be a roller coaster (Big Fury) and a steam locomotive ride.  It went on to say that no date had been set for the completion of those rides although it was expected to be later in the season.



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Check out this sequence of photos taken aboard the Great Train ride on October 26, 1974.  The ride starts out as normal but when they get back into the far end of the route the engine appears to have troubles.  Passengers were off-loaded (and I presume walked back to the station) while the engine was detached from the train and driven away.  Note that the coaches on this train were the ones with roofs.  








EB_1974_10_26_IMG0100 copy.jpg



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