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Batman & Robin: The Chiller


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  1. 1. Which was better - Batman or Robin?

    • Batman (blue track)
    • Robin (red track)
    • I was only able to ride Batman
    • I was only able to ride Robin
  2. 2. Which restraints were better on Chiller?

    • Neck harnesses
    • Lap Bars
  3. 3. Which was better?

    • Inverted rolls (1997-2006)
    • In-line humps (2007)

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8 minutes ago, Tbone112499 said:

Does anyone know where this farm is? Somewhere in Plumstead if I'm not mistaken?

Not far from the park.  If you use Google Earth, you can see the track sitting there in the 2008-2010 images.



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I was just on rcdb and it seems the park has rehabbed some smaller rides in the past, a  Schwarzkopf Jet Star 2 just before getting Chiller that they sold to another Brazil park that hasn't opened it and they other, A Zamperla Galaxy, they sold to a traveling fair. I wonder if they planned more to rehab Chiller when they bought it, but thought they could finally add a new coaster into the fold and gave up due to it's troubled past?

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