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Super Sidewinder

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I saw this ride on the internet again and was surprised I hadn't shared this sooner.  At Santa's Village in New Hampshire they have a kiddie version of the Super Sidewinder called Pixie Mix.  This Christmas themed ride features the same exact mechanical components of the Super Sidewinder albeit on a smaller scale and consisting of only one "arm's worth" of overhead workings.


The third image below is great!  Note how the boy is looking up at the tires and wheels which power the ride.  That was so common on the Super Sidewinder.











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Here a few photos that show how remotely placed the Super Sidewinder was at the back of Kiddie Kingdom way behind the Kings Sandbox.


1982_August_28_0005_a copy.jpg


1982_July_13_0005_a copy.jpg


1982_July_13_0007_a copy.jpg

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