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GAH's Three-for-All Trivia Challenge Contest

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As promised, here are the questions and answers to our Three-for-All Trivia Contest!


1. What are the names of Great Adventure's three main gated parks?

Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Wild Safari Animal Park, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor


2. Name three roller coasters at Great Adventure that have three trains.

Runaway Mine Train, Bizarro (Medusa), Great American Scream Machine, Skull Mountain, Nitro


3. Name a ride at Hurricane Harbor that features three slides.

The Falls or Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom


4. Name three types of animals fenced-off from the cars in the Wild Animal Safari.

Elephants, Lions, European Brown Bears, Tigers, Baboons


5. The theme park has had three entrances over the years. Where were they located?

Base of Dream Street (next to the Dream Street Tents), current Main Street Entrance, Season Pass Holders Entrance (next to Rolling Thunder)


6. What were the names of three of the four Dream Street Tents in 1974?

International Bazaar, Past & Present, Fairy Tales, Souvenirs & Crazies


7. Name three indoor rides at Great Adventure.

Houdini's Great Escape, Skull Mountain, The Dark Knight Coaster


8. How many lanes of traffic are there in the Wild Animal Safari?



9. Name three Ferris wheel rides once found at Great Adventure.

Giant Wheel (Big Wheel), Panorama Wheel (or Little Wheel or Phileas Fogg's Balloon Ride), Little Big Wheel (or Elmer Fudd's Ferris Wheel or Marvin the Martian's Space Chase or Tyg's Swirl Twirl)


10. Name three rides added to the park in Great Adventure's third season.

Alpen Blitz, Musik Express, Super Side Winder, The Screamer ( Lil Thunder), Lady Bug, Red Baron, The Great Race (Kiddie Bumpers)


11. What are three different names of the children's area replaced by the Golden Kingdom?

Kiddie Kingdom, Shirt Tales Land, Looney Tunes Land, Bugs Bunny Land


12. Name Great Adventure's three original restaurants.

Best of the West Barbeque, Yum Yum Palace, Gingerbread Fancy


13. Name the locations of three fountains in the theme park today.

Across from Skull Mountain, Skull Mountain, Wiggles World, Batman The Ride, Houdini's Great Escape, Fish Pond near Buccaneer, Main Street Fountain, pond area near Log Flume lockers, waterway behind Best of the West Barbeque, waterway in front of The Fort


14. Name three roller coasters at Great Adventure that were built by Arrow.

Runaway Mine Train, Lightnin' Loops, Great American Scream Machine


15. Name three of Great Adventure's original costumed street characters from the 1970s.

(Numerous answers)


16. List the three scrambler-style rides once found at Great Adventure from the lowest capacity to the highest capacity.

(Kiddie Scrambler), Calypso, Scrambler, Super Sidewinder


17. Besides 2010, name three years when Great Adventure did not have any rides added to the park.

1992, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004


18. What three major attractions were added to the theme park in 1983?

FreeFall, Parachuter's Perch, Great Lake Grandstand (water ski show)


19. List Great Adventure's three major parks from smallest to largest sorted by acreage.

Hurricane Harbor, Great Adventure, Wild Safari Animal Park


20. On what ride do guests sit three abreast?

Carousel (Parachutes also accepted)


21. Name the three tallest structures ever found at Great Adventure.

Kingda Ka, Parachuter's Perch, Nitro


22. What were the names of the three trains on the Great American Scream Machine when it opened?

Spirit, Liberty, Freedom


23. Name three bumper car rides once found at Great Adventure.

Traffic Jam, Fender Bender, kiddie bumpers, Autobahn


24. Name the three different entranceway signs once found on Route 537.

Lion sign, Rainbow, blue Six Flags banner logo


25. Name three flat rides manufactured by Intamin.

Buccaneer, FreeFall, Looping Starship, Parachuter's Perch


26. Name three rides removed from Great Adventure for 1988.

Paddle Boats, Calypso, Monster Spin, Tilt a Whirl, Fender Bender


27. Name three Great Adventure miniature golf courses.

Miniature Marvels Golf Course, Adventure Golf, Wizards and Dragons Black-Light Mini Golf Adventure


28. Name three species of animals no longer featured in the Wild Animal Safari.

(Numerous answers)


29. Besides Rolling Thunder, name three attractions added to Great Adventure in 1979.

Miniature Marvels Golf Course, Haunted Castle, Tilt a Whirl, Enterprise (park model), Pet a Pet


30. List the three octopus-style rides once found at Great Adventure from the first installed to the last.

Pretty Monster, Monster Spin, Spinnaker


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