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Great American Scream Machine Closed

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They pretty much have to do something very visible in the way of removing the ride or they'll have a lot of people bitching about "I don't understand why they didn't keep the ride open!". Unfortunately a lot of the prep work for removing a coaster is invisible to people from a distance. That whole computer control room underneath the ride gets dismantled first.

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Did a Fly-Over around noon and capured many nice angles of our beloved "shoulder-bruising" Great American Scream Machine....All photos can be found in my new 2010-2011 BLOG...


Enjoy ;)


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First, some pics from the ERT event, my first ever, which was a blast except for my huge headache.

I talked to Angel, and she said that the ride would start demo this morning. Can anyone confirm?


















And some from daytime. I didn't get the whole re-ride thing, it just made the line longer. It would go a lot faster if they just let people who wanted to wait in line and ride again, since they had to send half-empty trains through on the re-ride because of people who couldn't endure the pain.









survey marking!



Great Adventure's meticulous care for its queue lines.







What's this?? A line?? I haven't seen a line for this since a Fright Fest Saturday in 2007, which was both my first ride on GASM and my first ride on a roller coaster at Great Adventure.




What is, in my opinion, the coolest station in the park.


The ERT event was fun, although I went home with an extreme headache.



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I'm all for them using the Jersey Devil as an inspiration for a coaster:how about a custom 10-loop Vekoma launched coaster?-like R-N-R Coaster but bigger and badder?Vekoma-for-a while-advertised such a thing on thier website...
I'd sooner marathon all day on "The Great American Scream Machine" than ride any Vekoma 10-loop coaster. I'd rather keep the Arrow Megalooper over installing such a monstrosity.
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wow, they have a fence up, the power disconnected and the trains off, im excited to see the removal now that we will never do anything to stop it, im excited about the new coaster making its way, now by the weekend will we have pieces of track removed?

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It's interesting to see how the "scream machine" has completely faded away from the hood of the train.... just like it's fading away from us in the park.... symbolic.


I was just so glad that it got a proper send-off. Off-topic, are you guys finishing up the Amusement Pics page for Great Adventure? I'm really looking forward to that!

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I'd like to take a moment to remember this wonderful ride by saying even though I've never rode it, I will miss it as much as someone who has rode it. I'll always remember entering the park and always watching it go around the tracks and know I'd have a great visit each time. RIP GASM, Great Adventure won't be the same without you in it. :tombstone: (BTW, If I see that GASM shirt next time I go to Great Adventure I'm SO buying it!!! :banana: )



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Structural removal has started. Transfer area = a mangled mess. I'm glad I was able to get to SFGAdv in 2008.

yeah transfer area and break run are totally mangled. The only plac eI saw this was on Kingda ka's break run. It's BEYOND a tangled mess, it took me a while to figure out that it was actual track!

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