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The Green Lantern

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There's never been credible rumors on any of this. Just people wanting to start rumors (about Bizarro leaving) and people hoping for a transformation of GL to floorless.   Also, based on you

Rode GL once, and that was enough for me.  It went to the bottom of my coaster list.

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Coasterfusion updated the GL section of its site. It said that a concrete inspector has visited the park and that they were given the OK to start putting up supports. Obviously tey got this from an outside source because it said they found a guy who worked at the park. Probably false facts. By the way, The Great Adventure Facebook Page has added more Photos of GL

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Great Adventure put new photos up on Facebook. Real vertical construction has started. The track for the station and base of the lift is up. Also, there are a few track peices on site now that appear to have fresh yellow paint since there is no wear visible on the rails.




What if Green Lantern's track wasn't exclusively green? It would sort of make me yell oh! ;)
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