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Bugs Bunny's 50th Birthday Celebration

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This event just looks like it was a lot of fun to put on and I am sure all the kid that were around for it had quite a good time. Makes me long for the days when Bugs Bunny and the gang were all still on tv regularly. To be honest this shows that when Great Adventure really wants to go the extra mile they really know how to put on a celebration!

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Sometimes it is easy to overlook the obvious. The button below was sitting right on my desk the entire time when I was gathering all the content for this Spotlight. The funny thing is that this button isn't easy to overlook. With a 6" diameter, it is the larges pinback button ever made for Great Adventure. It is huge - about the size of the plate in a cup and saucer setting!



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It is hard to believe that Bug's 50th Birthday was way back in 1990 and that would make this year his 75th Birthday! Maybe the park can host another celebration.


Just added to this Spotlight, two newly found press photos of the 1990 birthday event at Great Adventure as well as a really nice video segment of the event . Check them out!







And click the image below to watch the video:


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