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Duo charged with counterfeit money at Great Adventure

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The article can be found on http://www.dailyrecord.com


Duo charged with passing counterfeit money at Great Adventure




Two men were arrested and charged Saturday with passing counterfeit $100 bills at Six Flags Great Adventure, police said.


Hector Gonzalez, 41, of Analomink, Pa., and Rene Galloza Jr., 37, of East Orange, are accused of paying for inexpensive items at two different concession stands at the amusement park with phony bills, according to Jackson Police Capt. David Newman.


The first purchase was made at the Hardy Corn stand around 2:50 p.m. on Saturday, and a few minutes later the second purchase was made at The Liberty Pub, Newman said. It was not immediately known what the two men purchased with the fakecurrency.


Loss prevention officers were alerted and the pair were detained until Jackson Police Officers Joseph Candido and Jeremy Felder arrived on scene to find the men had in their possession six additional counterfeit $100 bills — Gonzalez was carrying two of the fake bills, and Galloza had four of the fake $100 bills, according to police.


Police said they searched they pair's 1996 Plymouth Voyager and found no more counterfeit money, but they did discover a bag of marijuana.


Gonzalez and Galloza were both charged with forgery and drug possession. Gonzalez was also charged with theft by deception. Bail was set for both Gonzalez and Galloza at $100,000 each and they were remanded to the Ocean County jail in Toms River.


Jackson Police Detective Campbell Brown and Special Agent Darren Czellecz, of the U.S. Secret Service are continuing the investigation.


Just an article I found today I thought some of you might be interested in. I am posting this from my blackberry at the moment so it is a little tough to insert the direct link. When I get in this evening I will update the direct link up top for everyone.

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Where I work we don't accept $100 bills anymore because of all the counterfeit bills out there, especially those that are undetectable with a counterfeit pen. I'm glad they were caught.

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