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I just found an example of Rolling Thunder's Station Music. This Brings Back Memories!  

Rolling Thunder use to look impressive at night. This photo was taken in 1980.  

Here are two pieces of memorabilia from Rolling Thunder - a piece a wood and a piece of the track plate.    

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Dang! Just caught up with this. And remember riding it the first season with only buzzbars. And the fifth car on the train.

It was faster and a lot rougher...Because of the added weight of the fifth car and passangers. Belive it or not they actually had clappers under the cars...that vibrated the floor boards. And created a wonderful sound that faded as the trains went thru the course. and the grew again on its return.....

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So so sad about this. We went once right before the end of last season (to get our passes processed for the discounted rate), and since we weren't there all day (plus having my 3 little ones with us) I didn't get to ride RT. I had no idea it was being demolished. I spent many many hours on this ride over many many summers.

Really going to miss it!!

Any idea why if it is demolished that GA still has it listed on their ride page?

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Sure do!
it used to be Dark at night then youd hear the speakers under the roof over give a clap of lightning and the bolt would light up top to bottom then the sound of thunder as the it rolled from left to right lighting the letters. And then it would all flash a few times. Hold. Then go black again. Kinda cool! Also to the cars had clackers under them so it to sounded like thunder as it trains ran the course.

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