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A giant metal tower would be a great addition to the Western Section?!?! That's just what that section does NOT need. If you want a drop tower, replace the parachutes with one, that's basically what they are anyway, just a boring version.

-__- A giant metal tower....themed to a totem pole or indian spear would fit the section amazingly well.

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While I agree that I'd like to see the western theme elements maintained, I don't think a drop tower done right would detract from it. The theme they did for Sasquatch at Great Escape, while not elaborate, would actually work for the western section.




I'd hate to lose the parachute tower for a drop tower, and I think the old Evolution pad is too small.


The other location I think would be great would be the Stunt Arena. Basically just gut the seating and use that as covered queue area with the towers in the center opening. It would mean the theme elements of the Arena could be re-used (since it's pretty much useless as a show venue due to coaster noise from BTR and Nitro.

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I also wouldn't want to see the parachutes gone for a drop tower for 2 reasons. It is a great family ride and one of the few family rides the park has and there are so few parachute rides left (not counting the kiddie versions), that it is a ride you can't really find anywhere else in the area.


If we did get a S&S tower, I would hope the park would go for a 3 or 4 tower model since capacity with 1 or 2 towers would be kind of low for the kind of crowds the park gets.

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I've been in the bizz for 25 years and i currently work for a carnival in the south jersey area, I've been with the same company for 17 years and our show used to have a drop tower it was a great piece,but take to long to set it up and tear it down. Unlike Six Flags Great Adventure you guys wouldn't have to worry about that part....But Dorney Park has Donimator and other parks..Great Adventure has to much open space closed off spaces that a ride like a drop tower would more then likely do the park good..Your Parachute drop i hardly ever see that many people on that ride and i hardly also ever see all the seats working at one time the most i seen going up are two...So if you were to get rid of the Paracute ride and put in a drop tower in that some spot it would look great to much open area with eithier nothing in them open spots or rides not running or broken down get rid of that stupid dam Dark Knight ride waist of time if you ask me....I waited in line 2 hours for a less then minute n half ride it sucked big time bring back some of the old flat rides enterprise,rotor,musik express,looping starship, etc. too many open areas at great adventure or lots of things broken down or closed its a shame cause i think to me it looks as if the park is going down hill but its not but thats my opinon and everyone has one...... :mellow:
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