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Correct, and partially correct (but I'll give you credit for it anyway). It was proposed for Valencia, Spain (just like MM is in Valencia, California).

Don't forget, Six Flags designed and managed Parque Warner Madrid (neé Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid). Their design influence was all over the park, and considered one of the most beautiful Six Flags properties when opened in 2002. If I ran Six Flags, I would seriously re-acquire the complex. Spain is awesome, and has a wonderful climate for theme park operation.

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1.Disneyland in California has been noted by fans, historians, and visitors as the worlds first theme park opening in 1955


2.Knotts Berry Farm opened in 1940 as a western town that evolved into a theme park and claims they are the world's first theme park, until the "theme par" wasnt built untill after disneyland


3.HolidayWorld in Santa Claus,Indiana opened in 1946 as a kiddie park and claims its the worlds first theme park. although its not as old as knotts, it was the first to open as an amusement park, but didnt become a full blown theme park untill after Disneyland when they expanded in the 1980's

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