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White City Amusment Park

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There is a park I have been to a few times, Roebling Park in Trenton/Hamilton. I was reading about the park and came across this information that I thought some of you here would appreciate. I believe I took a picture of the staircase the last time I was there, I will look for it later to post. Does anyone else have any information on the park?


This information and photos can be found at the Friends of the Marsh website.


White City Amusement Park was located in Hamilton Twp., just southeast of Trenton, NJ., along the cliffs beside Spring Lake. The is in the area known as Broad St. Park.

In 1895, the area was known as Spring Lake Park. It consisted of a picnic area with swings and a merry-go-round.


In 1907, White City Amusement Park opened. It was also known as Capital Park.


In its heyday, the park boasted a roller-coaster, carousel, scenic railway, among the other rides. They had a Katzenjammer Castle, Mystic Maze, movie theater and other attractions. There was a dancehall with bands playing along the midway.


There was boating and fishing on the lake, then known as White City Lake. In the winter, people would use the frozen lake to ice-skate.


White City's water flume ride had gondolas that descended from the park above, down the cliffs on concrete chutes and into the lake.


The park was located at the end of Harrison Ave., at its intersection with McClellan St. It ran from Sewell St. to Buchanan St. The site is all residential, now.


In 1957, the property that was once White City Park was re-dedicated as Broad St. Park. It was meant to be a wildlife refuge.


Spring Lake is now part of the John A. Roebling Memorial Park, which is accessible from the end of Sewell St.


The mansion house is the only structure still standing, though it's now a private residence. It is hidden in the trees at the end of Harrison Ave. One can still see ruins of concrete railings lining the driveway to the mansion.


And from Spring Lake, one can still find the ornate (though, graffitied) concrete staircase that once allowed park visitors to descend to the promenade around the lake.



White City Hall









Trolley Stop




Boat dock on the lake




Midway and roller coaster.





Spring Lake





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