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The Little Big Wheel was actually a pretty hard ride to operate. Kids always wanted to ride together and if there was only one group it would often grind away because it was off balance. Often opeartors would have to solicit other kids passing by so that they could balance out the ride.

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I have often said researching Great Adventure's history is like putting together the pieces of a big puzzle. Well, we realized we put one of the pieces in the wrong spot!


As currently posted, this kiddie ferris wheel Spotlight decribes the wheel as having been installed in 1979 and removed in 2004. Actually, there were two different wheels - one from 1979 to 1987 and another (which is pictured in this Spotlight) from 1988 to 2004. As soon as we learn more about the first wheel, we will split this into two writeups. Until then, below are two photos of the real "Little Big Wheel" at Great Adventure and two photos of a similar model at Dutch Wonderland.


Stay tuned for more info!


Great Adventure:






Dutch Wonderland's ride:





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