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Coaster Justin

Where Are You Going in 2011?

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Hopefully this is the right place to put this. Not gloating but here's mine:



- SFGAm (And Many more times throughout the Year)



- SFGAdv (10:30am- 6:00pm)

- Casino Pier

- Fun Town Pier

- Jenkinson's Boardwalk

- Bowcraft Playland

- Keansburg Amusement Park



- Bay Beach



- Fun Fore All

- Conneaut Lake Park

- Waldameer



- Enchanted Forest






- SeaWorld Orlando



I'll be Flying ALOT This Year. Gotta Get My Dad's Family Back to the US One Way or Another.

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Before you go to Bowcraft, you might want to make sure the coaster is still there as it is for sale:



Last month I went to all 4 WDW parks and IoA and Universal


In April I am going to Great Adventure multiple times and hopefully Hershey on Easter Sunday (this will be the 5th year in a row I am going to try to get there since I wasn't able to go the past 4 years mostly because of weather).


May - October I am going to be going to Great Adventure and Dorney probably a few times a month and hope to get to Morey's this year and will probably get to the Ocean City, NJ parks a few times and Hershey if I don't make it there on Easter.

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So far in 2011 I've been too:

Magic Kingdom


Disney's MGM Studios

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Universal Studios Florida

Islands of Adventure

Sea World Orlando

Busch Gardens Tampa


Where I plan to go for the rest of the year:

Wild Adventures



Lake Wake Winnepesaukah

Six Flags Over Georgia

Vision Land

Six Flags Great Adventure

Coney Island (Brooklyn, NY)

Dorney Park

The Great Escape

La Ronde


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Well I know I will be getting to:



Dorney Park

Hershey Park

Moreys Piers

Universal Studios





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i thi9nk im just going to BGE this summer for a weekend trip.....


In late July I plan to visit Knoebels Grove, Morey's Pier, Great Adventure Safari, water park and amusements. I can't wait. I hope I get good weather.

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