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When the park first opened, could you see the Fort from the entrance?

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OK, so here's a question that has intrigued me.




When the original park entrance was at the end of Dream Street, was the an opening in the trees along the lake where you could view the Fort? Since there was no path to the Western section from the ticket booth area, I would imagine they left trees along the lake, but that would have been such a tantalizing view of the park as you entered.

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The area between the parking lot and the fort was the original picnic area. All the trees were there and you could only see the top of the fort. The area was flat cleared for Rolling Thunder and the picnic area moved to the south side of the parking lot.



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The park entrance was where the games section was-is just before the merchandise tents - highly unlikely you could see the fort because of trees removed for Rolling Thunder. Highly unlikely. They blocked the merchandise tents from Dream Street and made the games section - a brand-new venue - and you had to go around the tents and through it now by order of Six Flags management - no fort to be seen, too deep within.

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