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Great Adventure Through the Decades


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  1. 1. Which decade in Great Adventure history do you find most interesting?

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Interesting results so far... luckily your preferences match up with our photo collection. I am working on several Spotlights for the upcoming months which should prove appealing!

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Definitely do more features on things from the 90's. There has been more than enough spotlights on elements from the 70's, you guys should focus on the 90's rides and events as well as the 00's! The park was Great Adventure, but now it is Six Flags Great Adventure! Spotlights on the parks signature rides (ex, El Toro, Nitro and Kingda Ka) may bring more traffic to the site and generate popularity among people interested in the history of Six Flags Great Adventure.

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Thanks for the feedback. We really have published a lot about the 90's including these Spotlights:


1990 - Shockwave

1991 - Adventure Rivers

1992 - Batman Stunt Show

1993 - Batman The Ride

1994 - The Right Stuff

1995 - Viper

1996 - Skull Mountain

1997/98 - Chiller

1999 - War On Lines/Medusa


We have purposely avoided "the present" (2000+) because they really aren't historical yet, but you will see some of these attractions worked into our schedule!

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