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Reid Anderson interview

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I hope that was just a marketing campaign for the parks and he doesn't really believe what he was saying. The parks are in perfect condition and focused on families and not teens, and have been for years? The problems were 5 to 10 years ago and everything has been great for the last 3 years?


I'm also concerned with a previous interview he gave where he said Six Flags was just going to ride the wave of increased theme park attendance nationwide. Six Flags attendance is up, because the industry is up as a whole. Six Flags attendance is not increasing as much as other parks, which have had record attendance.


It seems he is perfectly content just with the fact that attendance has increased and doesn't think the company has any problems or needs to do anything but sit back and do what it has been doing and people are going to come flocking to the parks. This could prove dangerous in the near future.

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Great Adventure has been a lot cleaner in the past few years compared to the 90s or early 2000's but I think Disney has the cleanest parks.

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