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SF America will retire Skull Mountain for 2012 attraction

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Six Flags America will retire Skull Mountain for 2012 attraction

Posted Today, 12:03P | Contributed by Jeff

[Ed. note: The following is an excerpt of a press release. -J]


Six Flags America announced today that June 11 through July 10, 2011 are the final days for guests to set sail on Skull Mountain prior to the ride’s retirement to make way for a new attraction in 2012. Guests are encouraged to bring their mateys for a final cruise of the seven seas before the ride hoists anchor to begin its journey to Davy Jones’ Locker on Sunday, July 10, 2011.


“For more than a decade, guests at Six Flags America have been thrilled and inspired by Skull Mountain, giving them the feeling of joining a one-of-a-kind pirates’ voyage in Maryland’s favorite theme park,” said John Winkler, Six Flags America park president. “It’s a piece of history for Six Flags America and we feel it’s fitting to give it one last stand.”


The Bon Voyage countdown for Skull Mountain begins the week of June 13, 2011 when a boat is placed on the theme park midway offering unique photo opportunities for guests. A Fare-thee-Well Weekend for Skull Mountain is planned for July 9 and 10, 2011 and includes a two-day Pirate Festival, featuring pirate makeovers for guests and special entertainment from the cast of The Blundering Buccaneers stunt show. In addition, Six Flags America will host a last-rider auction, with proceeds benefitting the National Roller Coaster Museum and Archive. The park will donate a boat from Skull Mountain to the National Roller Coaster Museum following the final voyage in July.


An iconic mainstay of the American Main, this half thrill coaster/ half water flume was introduced in 1997 as the Typhoon Sea Coaster, designed and manufactured by Intamin, Ltd. of Switzerland. The first of its kind, the ride made history with a seven-story descent, at the time the world’s tallest for a water-powered coaster. Redubbed Skull Mountain in 2007, the ride’s 2,200-foot track has undergone several changes during its tenure at the park, creating an entirely different experience from its first introduction.


Source: Coasterbuzz


Every time I went to SFA this ride was always closed.



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I really liked that ride, it sucks they are removing it. They also refurbished the old Rainbow slides after that been closed for years. I would like to go down there and ride their Skull Mt one last time but that park is in such a bad area and has alot of rough, skuzzy people. It's the only place someone has ever tried to break into my car!

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^That would be nice but it won't happen. SF is probably getting rid of it because it is expensive to maintain and that they are replacing it with something cheaper to run. Scipiomask, the last time I rode that ride they didn't have the turn table that turned the boats backwards working.

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