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Dream Street Tents

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Here are some additional photos of the Recording Studios inside the red and white tent (now home to the Big Top Terror 3D Haunted Maze).












KS_SFGA_scan1168 copy.jpg

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ok i been thinking about dream street ever since they change the blue tent to a even better blue tent until i have a perfect idea on what they could do with dream street.

first converted what left of fantasy forest into dream street. then converted houdini into a magic house with a wizard replacing houdini. something like the dream streets magic house. then move the teacups to golden kingdom and retheme to monkey business and add larson flying scooters in its place and call it dream street flyers, then move the bumper cars into the red tent and rename it to dream street motors. remove the paintball building for a open walkway. give the inside of yum yum palace a makeover. turn flags into a coffee shop called the fantasy coffee shop. then turn atitudes into dream street store. turn boardwalk game center into the dream street arcade. and  bring back colorful banners to dream street. and turn bugs bunny national park into bugs bunny boomtown and move some seaport rides to bugs bunny boomtown and expand over to the great lake grandstand lot.


i know i still wanted to retheme looney tunes seaport to bugs bunny boomtown but its just my idea for dream street and bugs bunny national park.


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