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Verbolten at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

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Though no details have officially been released yet (because of Mach Tower's delayed opening) other than there is a new launched coaster coming for 2012, construction is well underway for the new ride.


Check out all the latest pictures of construction



Construction is taking place throughout the Big Bad Wolf site:





The show building is going to be massive!



The old Big Bad Wolf Station is getting stripped down to the steel as part of the remodel










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H I haven't ha a chance to update until now but I just posted pictures from October 18th and from December 20th of construction progress. It's looking REALLY impressive.


Here's a picture of the interior of the show building from October. The black tarp is covering the drop track:




Now, the building is completely enclosed, and track is going in towards the Rhine. The track into the "bridge" is in place:




Workers were still on the job at 4:30 on Tuesday as guests were walking through the park for Christmas Town:


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It's a section of track that the coaster train will stop on, then suddenly drop down about 15 feet to a lower level and launch out of the building. I'm guessing it will be in complete darkness. This is made by Zierer (makers of Blackbeard's and the Wave Swing), and they just built one for a Lego Land park.


Go to 9:05 in this video and you can see the animation then the actual prototype of the drop track in action...it looks pretty cool!



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In my opinion, Verbolten doesn't look nearly as impressive as the Big Bad Wolf coming down the drop to the Rhine.


Those are stange color choices for the tracks and supports. It would have looked better if they painted it asphalt black.

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