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The Original Haunted House

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I ran across two photos of a Haunted House which operated on the Million Dollar Pier in Atlantic City (possibly summer of 1978?)


This sure looks like the attraction which was added to Great Adventure during the fall of 1978 as part of a Halloweekends.  Anyone know more?






Here is the Haunted House at SFGA:




For those not familiar with this attraction, the Haunted House preceded the Haunted Castle. 

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It appears that a second Haunted House attraction was operated by Six Flags at the same time Great Adventure's original reopened at Six Flags Over Mid-America (St.Louis).  The photo and article below are from two June 1979 newspaper articles discussing the Haunted House which was just installed outside the Movieland Wax Museum which was owned by Six Flags.





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Below are three additional photos of the Haunted House when it was located on the Million Dollar Pier in Atlantic City.  These photos were dated June 1978 which leads me to believe that this is the same attraction that was at Great Adventure in the fall of 1978 following the summer season in AC.







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