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Animals Die in Zoo Fire in New Jersey- Animal Kingdom, Springfield

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From MyFoxNY.com:


Animals Die in Zoo Fire in New Jersey


SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) - A fire has killed a mother giraffe, its 3-week-old calf and a collection of exotic birds at a New Jersey zoo where the owner's wife died in a fire months ago.


Three dogs and four cats also perished in Sunday night's fire, said Burton Sipp, the owner of Animal Kingdom Zoo in Springfield Township.


It's the second fire to strike the private zoo in this year. Bridget Sipp was killed in April when a fire burned the couple's log cabin on the property. No animals were hurt then.


Burton Sipp said flew home from Phoenix early Monday after hearing about this weekend's fire. He said the zoo's seven remaining giraffes are being moved to the Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park for now.


Sipp said he hopes to rebuild.



Wow, sad. I've driven by that little zoo a few times and it looked kind of shady. Wouldn't be surprised if the giraffes stay at the park.

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I have been there many times, I used to live a few houses down from it. The Owner Burton has been "shady" in the past. He was charged with overdoseing Horses with Steroid's, for the insurance money before. A few year's back 3 Giraffes froze to death, when they were either left outside, or when the heat in their barn went out. (I have heard both stories before) A Baboon was thought to have escaped, when one was spotted loose in the area, but it was never confirmed to have escaped from there. Mind you the next closest place with Baboon's is GA. He does have a nice collection of Animals, and it is nice for my Girls. The Zoo (and it's a pet store as well) was sold for a brief time a couple year's back, but the new Owner could not afford it, so it went back to the Sipp family. It was his Mother that died in the previous fire at the House. The house was a very large, and very nice Log Cabin that had a "Turrett" that gave a very good view of the Zoo, and the many other acre's of land that it overlook's. One time about 20yrs. ago now, me and a buddy of mine found an Owl, that was injured and couldn't fly in the area under the Turnpike Brige, over the Delaware. We were able to catch it, and wrap it in a Flannel shirt with a large stick for a Perch. We took it out to the Zoo, and he nursed it back into shape. He always gave us free access to the Zoo to come and visit it, while it was still alive.

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Giraffes are back at troubled Burlington County zoo

Tuesday, October 2, 2012



Nearly one year after a fire killed a mother and baby giraffe at a small Burlington County zoo, five of the seven giraffes that survived are back. While their barn at Animal Kingdom was rebuilt, they were temporarily housed at Six Flags Great Adventure Safari in Jackson Township.



Visitors in a Jeep encounter a giraffe during their drive through Wild Safari at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson Township, N.J.


Animal Kingdom, in Springfield, has had a troubled history. Over the past dozen years, it was cited for more than 200 violations by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Oct. 30 fire erupted four days after the USDA had warned the zoo owner that his license would be revoked if he did not correct the animal neglect and squalor.


When the fire broke out, Great Adventure agreed to take care of five of the giraffes that had fled the flames. "Considering eveything the animals have been through, they are very resilient," said Kristin Siebeneicher, Great Adventure spokesperson. "They had enjoyed being part of our close encounters tour, a bus tour where people feed them carrots and sweet potatoes."


It's unclear what happened to the two other giraffes that had escaped.


Animal Kingdom's website enthusiastically announces that the giraffes "are back!!!!!" A staff member said that patrons are invited to purchase bamboo for $3 to feed to the creatures after paying the $10 admission for adults and $5 for children.


Meanwhile, Six Flags last month closed the safari to car traffic, ending a popular attraction. Starting next year, the staff will drive 30-passenger trucks through the safari to allow visitors an up-close but more controlled encounter with the animals. The Animal Kingdom giraffes, Siebeneicher said, had adapted to the car traffic and were among the "gentle creatures" that visitors had admired over the past year.

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