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1970's Theme Park Brochures Spotlight

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That was fun to see. Except the 1977 Brochure's cover is just plain creepy to me. The reindeer-rainbow wearing "funky" disco clown's dead eyes and gaped mouth. The jug headed, ice cream drooling kid who seems oblivious to the stains he's creating on his cotton blend shirt. I know they're artist renderings of actual photos in the 'chure, but wow how did they think that was a good idea?!



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In all my years of collecting Great Adventure memorabilia I was really surprised to discover that there were two versions of the 1976 pamphlet - both with the exact same cover. The maps inside are completely different.






I am curious to hear feedback on what you think of the approach with sharing these pamphlets. In addition to scans of the brochures we wanted to include details on how the pamphlets actually look if you had them in your hands. We did this by including the overall and individual panel highlights:


Overall example:



Individual panel example:


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