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Fahrenheit- New For 2008- Hersheypark

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Statistics from RCDB.com:


Builder: Intamin AG

Cost: $12,100,000 USD

Capacity: 850 riders per hour

Length: 2700'

Height: 121'

Inversions: 6

Speed: 58 mph

Duration: 1:25

Max Vertical Angle: 97 Degrees

Elements: Norwegian Loop, Cobra Roll, Double Corkscrew

Trains: 3 trains with 3 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 12 riders per train.


Press Release from Hersheypark:


Hersheypark hosted a record-breaking Centennial season in 2007 as guests were introduced to The Boardwalk at Hersheypark, the perfect spot to cool off. Now the heat is on as construction begins on the Park's 11th roller coaster, "Fahrenheit," which is scheduled to open next May. The new ride will cost approximately $12.1 million.


Known in the industry as a "vertical lift inverted loop coaster," Fahrenheit will position riders on their backs as the coaster train begins a 90-degree ascent to the summit of a 121- foot lift. As the cars crest the hill, riders will lean forward and see no track visible below— only open space— before plummeting down a staggering 97-degree first drop, the deepest drop of any coaster in the United States.


The coaster cars will feature stadium seating, which will elevate riders who sit in the cars behind the front row and offer them an unobstructed view of the steep descent.


At the bottom of the first hill, the coaster will be traveling at 58 mph as it begins an ascent that will then drop riders into a 107-foot inverted loop. Coming out of the inverted loop, the track will twist though an inverted corkscrew roll, a cobra, an airborne inverted S roll and a second inverted corkscrew roll. Just as riders think they are slowing down, they will experience an airtime hill, a high-speed/banked curve, a second airtime hill and a final high-speed/banked curve before arriving back in the station.


Traveling over more than 2,700 feet of steel track in 85 seconds, Fahrenheit will feature three four-person vehicles per train and a capacity of about 850 people per hour.


The ride was designed and is being built by IntaRide LLC , the company that brought the famous Storm Runner roller coaster to Hersheypark in 2004. It will be located adjacent to The Boardwalk at Hersheypark.


In keeping with the Park's philosophy of offering something for every member of the family, a second new ride also is set to debut for the 101st season of Hersheypark.


"Howler" is a "tornado" ride that allows riders to spin their cars to create their own ride experience. It has eight four-passenger, sphere-shaped cars that rotate counter-clockwise from a center base. As the rotation reaches 10 rpm, the ride lifts 7 ½ feet into the air at a 20-degree angle. The ride, manufactured by Wisdom Industries, Ltd., has a capacity of about 750 people per hour and will be located adjacent to the Rodeo ride in the Park's Pioneer Frontier area.


For more information or to take a "virtual" ride on Fahrenheit, please visit Hersheypark.com. Hersheypark will open for its 101st season on May 2, 2008. Fahrenheit is expected to open on Saturday, May 24.


It looks like a fun coaster to watch, and parts look good (like the "Norwegian Loop"), but it looks like it has the potential for head banging to me...just like on Storm Runner.



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In 1989 Ultra Twister was removed from Great Adventure and its 90 degree vertical lift was modified before the ride was reinstalled at AstroWorld. Prior to that the ride had been closed at GA because of concerns of how to safetly evacuate guests stuck on the lift, not to mention the discomfort that was experienced by guests while stopped in that position. In 1990 Ultra Twister opened in Texas with a 45 degree lift.


It seems that designers are once again giving vertical lifts a second chance with rides like Dollywood's Mystery Mine and Hershey's new ride next year. I still would hate to get stuck on these lifts!

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Awesome - Construction Photos :D - Thanks for sharing these, Harry. Whenever I get a decent weekend for flying, I want to get out to Hershey and get some Aerial shots of the site and construction.
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That's what I was wondering when I first read about this ride when it was announced. How much that would stink to be stuck on the lift and how would they get the people out if they needed to. I'm sure they have a good safe way being they are doing this.

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