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PTR: Losing my Disney Virginity!

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Last week I finally went on my Senior Trip to sunny Orlando Florida. It was my first time on a plane as well as my first time visiting WDW and IOA and being a Six Flags native I needed some themeing in my life. I've heard great things about these parks and those statements were justified upon entrance to the first Disney park EPCOTon Day 1. I'll have the other parks up soon after. Enjoy!



I'm high on 4/20 ..


Goodbye Philadelphia!


Stayed at the Disney All Star Resorts which were suprisingly much better than I thought!


A major thing I noticed once I entered Orlando is that Disney puts effot into EVERYTHING it does!


"Chillin on an E"


First park of the day.. EPCOT. Which turned out to be my least favorite of the four.


Guns Don't Kill, Disney Monorails Do..


It's so spherical! (Spelling?)


The lines weren't too bad even though this picture begs to differ.


Disney has a secret inside this building..and I loved it!




Which way to El Toro?!


First ride of the day!


Test Track was closed for rehab. The same rehab Charlie Sheen goes too.


Green or Orange? Which side has the least amount of deaths?


It was actually a pretty forceful ride. More forceful than Hydra at Dorney, that's for true.


Not once did I ever see any "behind the scenes" equipment. Disney does good with covering that up.


Before my trip I did some online research and Sum of Thrills was one of the must rides at EPCOT.


It was a fun ride! The technology was amazing!


It was around this time I started to notice just how massive this park was.


The beauty that is Land! I loved this building so much. There were rides around every corner.


Seriously, there was so much packed into this building it was unbelievable.


Soarin, Flyin, Theres not a star in heaven that we can't reach..


Taking them down and bringing them back to Gadv!


I was called a geek for complementing Disney on their innovative technology on some of these rides. Coaster Geeks,We're Misunderstood.


This is AMAZING!Every 5 seconds I would repeat, "I want one of these at Great Adventure!"


Since we were inside this massive building for what seemed like ever, we didn't notice it started to rain. What better time to eat!


The Food at Disney is also top notch! I wanted to eat in the Mexico part of Epcot however the rain wouldn't allow it. :(


I forget the name of this ride but I honestly LOVED it! It was so informative.


Another thing I commend Disney on is the duration of the rides. I had no problem waiting in a 70 minute line for a themed, interactive, long, and genuinely nice ride!




After that last ride my camera died which sucks because we took one of the Disney Transportation Bus (Another AMAZING thing I love about Disney) to Hollywood Studios aka my favorite of the Disney Parks! I loved Tower of Terror and Rock N Roller Coaster. Long story short Toy Story Mania was a fun ride despite the 80 minute wait. Tower of Terror is my new favorite drop tower! Rock N Roller Coaster was the best Vekoma I've been on besides Boomerangs.. and Fantasmic made me tear a little. Beyond amazing show! Islands Of Adventure is next! Check out my Vlog about this full trip HERE!

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It sounds like you had an opportunity to enjoy the parks. My niece is on her senior trip and they are jamming six parks into three days with as little as 3.5 hours at a park with a lot of transit times inbetween.


And yes, that cute little ride in Innoventions is fun!

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I'm heading out the day after tomorrow for my marching band trip. We're going for 5 days, but I'm staying 2 days longer. This will be my 12th trip, however I have a feeling GACoaster will quickly lap me on that one...

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Part Two: Islands of Adventure!

Whoever said a park couldn't have thrill rides with immense themeing clearly has not been to Islands of Adventure! I love this park so much it actually moved BGE to Number 4 on my top 10 amusement parks list. I'm not sure why I waited so long to get to this place but nonetheless I enjoyed my time here. On to the flics!



Of all resort character rooms, we were sectioned in Mighty Ducks.. -_-


Still a beautiful resort at an affordable price




They don't have these back in Jersey!


Thank You Disney for quality food. Seriously.




It was either this and Mummy or Hulk, Dragon Challenge, Spiderman, and Harry Potter..


As fun as HRR looked I choose IOA :D


Sounds Familiar


Midway Interaction! Thumbs Up,


Close Up


Definetely not what I was expecting. My expectations were something along the lines of Bizarro at Gadv however I was way wrong!


Maybe it was running amazingly that day but Hulk delivered! An outstanding ride.


Hooray for Drop Towers!


Yeah.. He was there.


A great ride but I'm sure a certain villian drop tower will be better this year!




Amazing Ride. The queue was fantastic but I still prefer DarKastle overall.


The Park's layout is really nice. An oval shape like amusement parks should be!


Now that I'm looking at this picture, I wish I would have ridden this.


But this sounds so much better! Loved this ride.


The time has come! The moment I have been waiting for.


I've never stayed awake through an entire Harry Potter movie let alone read the books but after the reviews I've heard for Forbidden Journey, I was most excited for this attraction at IOA.


The wait was around 70 minutes but with themeing like this how could I complain.


Absolutely phenominal ride. The technology was beyond anything I've seen in an amusement park. More of these need to show up in the US, Hell in the world. I'd travel for it!


Is this not the coolest queue, greenhouse, excercise ramp, thingy you've ever seen?!


I've always wanted to be called a Muggle :P


The line for this was long but after tasting it, It's totally understandable.


I had high hopes for this seeing as though I love B&M Inverts but was kind of dissapointed.


Maybe because I chose Hungarian Horntail.


The wait was only 5 mins for each side but after walking through that marathon of a queue once. I was NOT doing it again!


Not feeling this area of the park too much. Burn it with fire please.


Look who snuck into this Ptr. Miss ya <3


Finished with a lunch at Hard Rock Cafe in City Walk which was yummy. As afore mentioned I was more than pleased with Island of Adventures and wished a certain park up north was ran like that. The operations were stellar. I left around 4 because my idiot school planned a group dinner at Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney. I'd rather ride Hulk and Forbidden Journey some more but why not experience something new.



Hard to Miss..


400 ft. is pretty impressive!


Downtown Disney is nice. I wanted to check out DisneyQuest for a little but never had time :/




Well that concludes Day 2. The vlog for this day can be seen [url="

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Now that I'm looking at this picture, I wish I would have ridden this.

That is the best water coaster I've ridden out there!


I had high hopes for this seeing as though I love B&M Inverts but was kind of dissapointed.


Maybe because I chose Hungarian Horntail.

The Red Dragon is faster and is better than the Blue. I haven't ridden this coaster in a while, but I hate now that the coaster is called Dragon Challenge. Also, I heard that they don't run together anymore since guests keep throwing stuff at each other.

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