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1974 Yearbook - Season #1 - The Original Park

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Thank you for a great update. As one of the opening seasons cast members it truly was one of the best seasons and I'm proud to have been part of it- cfreating that magical place Mr. LeRoy envisioned. :hot_air_balloon:

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Thanks for all the feedback!


We are happy to hear that you like the Yearbook page! We have been fooling around with layouts for this for years and we are happy to finally roll out the first page. We think the design will allow us to easily add additional content as we receive it.

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New to the GAH Archives, a set of pre-opening press photos!


Arthur Thuijs puts some finishing touches on some of his model buildings destined for installation in the Garden of Marvels.

1974_PR_GardenOfMarvelsModels copy.jpg

A female employee gets measured for her new uniform in the costuming design office.

1974_PR_Costuming copy.jpg

Actors audition for one of the many shows and street performer troops that will welcome guests on opening day.

1974_PR_EntertainmentAuditions copy.jpg

Governor Brendan Byrne and his family are welcomed to a special sneak preview of the park hosted by Warner LeRoy.

1974_PR_WelcomeGovByrne copy.jpg



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