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The Operators' Challenge

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Guesses, Comments, and discussions are welcomed!









Feel free to copy and paste the answer sheet below into your post with your guesses:


My Guesses!





















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My Guesses!

1. Mine Train - (Runaway Train)

2. Monster (I think it's the Pretty Monster because the cars aren't black.)

3. Super Sidewinder

4. Carousel

5. Big Fury

6. Sky Ride (Guessing Western side)

7. Swabinchen

8. Enterprise (2nd generation - park model installed between the fountain and the Musik Express)

9. Cars Cars (kiddie ride with trucks and other vehicles under an umbrella. Oh yeah, with those annoying buzzers kids can push!)

10. Swings (Flying Wave)

11. Roundabout Boats

12. Dream St. Cables (Skyway)

13. Dune Buggies (kiddie ride - one of the rides under an umbrella, again with those same annoying buzzers!)

14. Scrambler

15. Super Round-Up?

16. Bumper Cars (Bumper 1?)

17. Bucaneer - VERY difficult to tell... Picture quality is very poor...

18. Swiss Bobs

19. Musik Express


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^ Wow, very good! You don't have them all correct but I am surprised you got #11!


I won't post the answers until next week so others have a chance to guess.

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Oh boy, let's see... mine weren't as good as those guesses, but here's what I jotted down:


My Guesses!

1. Runaway Mine Train

2. ?

3. I guessed Condor because of the structure, but knew it was wrong since those pictures looked WAY earlier than that.

4. Carousel

5. Rolling Thunder - also not right based on the metal fences.

6. ?

7. Trying to think of the original name for the Sombrero, I said Calypso -- right thought, wrong name!

8. Enterprise

9. ?

10. Flying Wave

11. ?

12. Skyride

13. ?

14. Scrambler

15. Giant Wheel

16. Bumper Cars

17. ?

18. Swiss Bob

19. Musik Express

20. 1981...?

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1 runaway train

2 pretty monster

3 super sidewinder

4 carousel

5 wild rider


7 schwichaban

8 enterprise

9 matterhorn

10 swings

11 round about boats

12 skyride

13 dune buggy

14 scrambler

15 big wheel

16 bumper cars

17 buccanner

18 swiss bob

19 music express

20 1975

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The answers to our Operators' Challenge have now been incorporated into the game page.

I will also post them here:

1. Runaway Train
2. Monster Spin
3. SuperSideWinder
4. Carousel
5. Wild Rider
6. Skyride
7. Schwabinchen
8. Enterprise II
9. Cars!Cars!
10. Flying Wave
11. Roundabout Boats
12. Skyride
13. Dune Buggies
14. Scrambler
15. Giant Wheel
16. Fender Bender
17. Buccaneer
18. Swiss Bob
19. Musik Express
20. 1980

Thanks for playing!

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