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I saw that too and wondered about the date written on the slide. What complicates things further is the train is the orange stack/dark green one which didn't operate beyond 1979.


Something interesting to note- you can see the cupola located on the roof of the Junction Inn food stand in the back. Originally the train station was going to have this feature on its roots complete with a station bell. Instead of the bell they opted to install the oversized signal.

Very interesting. Since Junction Inn didn't open until the 1975 season, they must have had the renderings for both structures drawn up at the same time just prior to the 1974 opening. The loss of the train, station, and (later) the Junction Inn, was really just the beginning of that area of the park loosing much of its original charm. The original Lightnin' Loops Cafe exterior expanded on that area's original architecture.

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Year 3 - Photo #37 - April 13, 2015:


May 1990


The ShockWave was Great Adventure's first stand-up roller coaster added for the 1990 season. The Intamin coaster was part of Six Flags ride

rotation program, having been previously located at Magic Mountain.After the 1992 season the ride was removed and transported to AstroWorld
in Houston, Texas. When AstroWorld closed in 2005 the ride was moved once again to Six Flags Darien Lake where it still remains today unassembled.

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Year 3 - Photo #38 - May 27, 2015:




May 1997


Six Flags Great Adventure has offered a wide variety of attractions based on DC Comic Super Heroes starting in 1992 with the introduction of the
Batman Stunt Spectacular Arena. In 1993, the Batman: The Ride inverted coaster was added and in 1997 the largest of the Batman themed coasters
was installed, Batman and Robin: The Chiller. Several other smaller structures like the Gotham City Water Works game, Axis Chemical Wash,
and Coca-Cola Cool Zone extended the Batman theme in this corner of the Movie Town section of the theme park.

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I wonder why they didn't just rename Movie Town to Gotham City when they built the Chiller. Everything in that section was (and still is) Batman related, so it certainly would have made sense.

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Summer 1976


During the first several seasons at Great Adventure, concert acts were performed from a simple ground level platform making for an intimate setting for guests who

chose to be entertained from the arena floor. It wasn't until the later '70s that a temporary elevated stage was used which was replaced in the early '80s by the
current permanent covered stage that exists today.

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Winter 1993


In this rare photo taken pre-season 1993, both the Little Wheel and the Big Wheel can be seen with their gondolas removed during winter rehabs of the wheels. The
Little Wheel would reopen as Phileas Fogg's Balloon Ride based on the film Around the World in 80 Days as part of the new Movie Town section of the park. The

Big Wheel would retain its name but feature a new sign and queue line.

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Growing up, they were ALOT more exciting without the cages on the "Big Wheel", and the low, Spinning Cars of the "Little Wheel". It gave them a sense of "risk". They were a couple thrilling Park favorites.

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Summer 1977


Back in 1977, the Fortune Festival area of the park, located just behind the Four Tents, was home to the Gondola ride. This antique spinning attraction lasted only one season

and the entire games area itself was destroyed in an off-season fire in December 1981. In 1982, the area was totally reconstructed and took on the name of Goodtime Alley.

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It's back!!!




Summer 1974
With a limited number of rides and attractions during the 1974 season,
long lines for Great Adventure's most popular rides like the Sky Ride were common.
The lack of guide rails for the cable cars in the Dream Street Sky Ride station indicate that only
the lake side of the aerial ride was in operation shortly after the park opened on 
July 1st, creating even longer waits as the ride was operating at only half capacity.
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Interesting that there used to be so many more switchbacks compared to today. If that setup was still in place, it would probably be almost right next to Skull Mountain's queue.

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