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Photo #13 - September 25, 2012:




May 31, 2003


After three decades of snacking on vinyl top car roofs and turning the last section of the Safari

into an automobile chop-shop, the Monkey Jungle remained closed in 2003. It reopened in 2004,

modified with the installation of fencing which would separate guests from the mischievous monkeys.

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Photo #14 - October 2, 2012:




May 1974


The Aqua Spectacle has long been the home for family style shows ranging from dolphins and sea lions to birds

and high diving acts. The 3500 seat arena features an 80 foot diameter pool holding 430,000 gallons of converted

salt water. At its peak, the stadium hosted 12 shows daily performed every hour from park opening to park closing.

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I love this picture! I was fortunate enough to go under the pool when a good friend of mine worked there. It was spooky but it was neat to be one of a few guests that were able to walk thru there!

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Photo #15 - October 9, 2012:




July 1983


The Hocus Pocus Magic and Gags Shop opened in 1980 and quickly became the place at Great Adventure for unique

merchandise, toys, and tricks which amused guests young and old alike. Visitors to Hocus Pocus were always being

watched as they shopped by dozens of scary rubber masks that lined the upper shelves of the store.

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Photo #16 - October 16, 2012:




February 1994


Great Adventure's first indoor ride was added in 1994 - The Right Stuff Mach 1 Adventure. Housed in a six story,

16,000 sq ft building resembling an Edwards Air Force Base aircraft hangar, the 100 seat simulator theater operated

continuously from 1994 to 2009, after which time the motion-base seats were removed and the building gutted.

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It's better as an empty building WITH Green Lantern than it would have been to get the simulator they were planning (as an upcharge) and no Green Lantern. Of course it would have been better to keep it, but it was too late when management changed.

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Photo #17 - October 23, 2012:




May 1991


Adventure Rivers, a 15-acre water rides section, opened at Great Adventure in 1991. The $4 million area

featured three new wet-dry slide complexes ranging in height from 30 to 60 feet, a new children splash zone,

and incorporated the existing Splash Down and Roaring Rapids rides. Total capacity for the entire area was

7,700 guests per hour.

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I wish I was able to go on these slides when I was younger. I remember my mom taking me to Kowala Canyon when I first went to Great Adventure. Now that whole area (Looney Tunes Seaport included) is lifeless. I miss the old Looney Tunes Seaport, without the whole Safari Kid expansion.

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Photo #18 - November 6, 2012:




August 1976


During the summer of 1976, Marvelli's Magic Caravan rolled into town and set up shop at the

Bandstand on the Lake. Guests were invited to "Join our master magician, Marvelli, and his cast

of costumed assistants as they lead you into the exciting and mysterious world of magical illusions."

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Photo #19 - November 11, 2012:




June 2005


On this Veterans Day GreatAdventureHistory.com proudly salutes all the brave men and women, past

and present, who have protected and served our great country. Pictured here is a sand sculpture in the

Woodland Gardens area of the park entitled "Christmas at the Front - 1944."

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