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Photo #26 - January 4, 2013:




September 1980


Great Adventure's first roller coaster for children was added in 1976 when the

Screamer joined many of the other relocated rides from Ride-a-Rama in a brand new

Kiddie Kingdom section. The ride was renamed as Lil' Thunder in 1979 when Rolling

Thunder was built, and completely removed at the end of the '83 season to make way

for Shirt Tales Land.

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Photo #27 - January 14, 2013:




May 1974


Great Adventure acquired its antique Carousel ride from the Jimmy Williams traveling show

company in England. In addition to the beautiful ride itself, the moving van which transported the

Carousel from fair to fair was included in the sale. Look closely and you can see that the steering

wheel is on the right side of the European truck.

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Photo #28 - January 24, 2013:




April 1990


The Shockwave was installed in 1990 and occupied the former site of the Garden of Marvels

Miniature Village which later became a miniature golf course. As seen in this aerial photo, remnants

of the Garden of Marvels including the Koi Pond and inclined rampway survived the coaster being built.

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Photo #29 - January 29, 2013:




Summer 1985


The Looping Starship opened in the spring of 1985. Originally, the word Challenger graced

the nose of the space shuttle, named after the second of NASA's fleet of orbiters. On January 28, 1986

the spacecraft was destroyed on lift-off and the name was removed before the start of G.A.'s season that year.

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How many people remember the 1st year it was out? It was atleast an hour wait and it seemed that almost every cycle someone was throwing a dollar bill or 2 out of the ship and into the line where people were waiting. The chaos over a dollar bill!!!

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^I don't remember dollars being thrown but I do recall everyone's change falling out of their pockets when the ship hung upside down. I worked the ride several times in 1985 while doing a double shift and I recall the ride's pit had a lot of money in it at the end of the day from "contributions" from the riders.

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Photo #30 - February 5, 2013:




July 1995


Viper was added to Great Adventure's coaster arsenal in 1995, built on the former site

of the Ultra Twister. Both rides featured Togo International's signature heartline rolls,

although Viper proved to be a much rougher riding experience given its tight track layout.

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Photo #31 - February 12, 2013:




July 1996


Starting in 1996 guests were invited to plunge into high-powered fun and experience the all new

action-packed Lethal Weapon Water Stunt Spectacular. The popular show was performed up to four

times daily at the Great Lake Grandstand from May 1996 to September 2001.

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