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Year 2 - Photo #1 - July 4, 2013:




July 4, 1974

The Spirit of America played a big part in Great Adventure's grand opening on July 4th, 1974. A fife and drum band complete
with tri-corner hats made its way up Dream Street from the park's main entrance into the Enchanted Forest where it entertained
patriotic guests around Great Adventure's sparkling fountain.




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Year 2 - Photo #2 - July 10, 2013:




August 1978


Prior to the installation of the Ultra Twister ride in 1986 with its accompanying walkway and bridge across Lahaway Creek, the
Runaway Mine Train's site was totally secluded except for a path that encircled the Great Arena. This area was further
developed in 1999 when Medusa was constructed.

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Year 2 - Photo #3 - July 15, 2013:




July 1980


The Schwabinchen ride, known in the industry as a Mack Hully Gully, was originally introduced at Great Adventure as part of the Fun Fair
section in 1975. The ride operated until the end of the 1986 season when it was removed to make way for Splash Water Falls. To many
surprised guests it was reintroduced on July 31, 1993 as the redecorated El Sombrero ride near Rolling Thunder in the Mexican themed

region of Frontier Adventures. It was removed for good at the end of the 2001 season.

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For the RMT picture, it's strange to see the ride with just trees, the path and nothing else like all the coasters that you would see if you stood in the spot now.

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Year 2 - Photo #4 - July 23, 2013:




October 1974


The Super Teepee was by far Great Adventure's most unique shopping experience offering a wide array of Western, Mexican and Indian souvenirs.
As described in the park's pre-opening press release, "the (Super Teepee) structure was dominated by its 60 foot tall chandelier. Twenty feet in diameter,
it resembles an Indian rope hanging, with carved eagles, feathers, skeletons, and bows and arrows displayed on it."

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Year 2 - Photo #5 - July 31, 2013:




February 1999


Medusa was the world's first floorless roller coaster when the park opened for the season on April 2, 1999. The
B&M thriller was just one of more than 25 new rides added to Great Adventure as part of the monumental
"War on Lines" - a $42 million dollar investment in the park which increased its ride count by 50%.

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The ride looks so bright.


Although I like the added effects of Bizarro, I would have preferred they kept the ride as Medusa and spent that money retheming the ride on a new flat instead.

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Year 2 - Photo #6 - August 6, 2013:




December 3, 1973


Revised plans for Great Adventure, the most elaborate and impressive entertainment complex in the northeast area, were presented
by Charles H. Stein, Chairman of the Board of Hardwicke Companies Inc., and Warner LeRoy, President and Designer of
Great Adventure

in 1973. The early artist rendering of the theme park, above, would remain true to the as-built park with few exceptions.

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Year 2 - Photo #7 - August 14, 2013:




August 1979


The Garden of Marvels miniature village was constructed by Dutch artist Arthur Thuijs and operated at Great Adventure
from 1974 to 1978 under of five year contract with the park. At the end of the agreement the model buildings were all
removed and an 18 hole miniature golf course took over the hilly terrain. Only the manmade mountains and waterways
would survive the removal of the village, but even those were destroyed during the summer of 1989 when the site
was cleared for the Shockwave coaster which opened in 1990.

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Year 2 - Photo #8 - August 21, 2013:




August 1979


The Musik Express was added to Great Adventure in the spring of 1976, possibly having been originally operated

at the 1964/65 New York World's Fair. The spinning ride entertained guests for 32 seasons before closing at the

end of 2007 along with the rest of the shuttered Old Country section of the park. Although the ride structure

still stands, the ride's cars have been removed for several years, most likely relocated to Six Flags Magic Mountain

for parts on their Flash: Speed Force ride.

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Year 2 - Photo #9 - September 26, 2013:


May 2000

The Pendulum ride, a Huss Frisbee, was added to Great Adventure as part of the park's 1999 War on Rides. Placed in an odd location
behind the bumper cars ride in the Old Country, the Pendulum was all but blocked out from the main midway by the extra wide Autobahn
ride. Even though the ride did feature several thematic elements such as decorative spikes and an overall early European weaponry
motif, several planned features like a massive battleaxe sign at its apex as well as a castle themed loading platform never materialized.

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Year 2 - Photo #10 - October 5, 2013:




May 1974

Great Adventure's Garden of Marvels was a massive undertaking and introduced G-scale model railroading to the United States. While ground preparation work
continued in the park, a testing layout for the large scale LGB trains was constructed near the assembly building for the Garden of Marvels. The layout allowed

the workers to experiment and evaluate different types of roadbeds as well as engine pulling power and traction on the inclined railways.

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Year 2 - Photo #11 - October 12, 2013:




August 2005


The Temple of the Tiger arena opened with the Golden Kingdom in May of 2005 and was instantly a huge success drawing capacity crowds

to its high energy tiger shows. Within two months of opening, the stadium was expanded by approximately 35% with the construction of six

extra rows of seats added to the back of the arena. The modified design also included access to these benches via new staircases near the
stadium's back corners.

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Year 2 - Photo #12 - October 21, 2013:





May 1974


When the Jimmy Williams Famous Steam Roundabout made its way stateside and was installed at Great Adventure in 1974,
the ride kept true to its traveling fair heritage. Its assembly included a trailer mounted center hub supported on four large
over the highway tires. The ride which originated in England even included a boiler plate emblem of the Royal coat of arms

of the United Kingdom.


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Year 2 - Photo #13 - October 25, 2013:





October 31, 2004


Knowing that building the world's tallest roller coaster takes time, Great Adventure's construction team got a jump start on the
massive 456 foot Kingda Ka tower by breaking ground on the project in the summer of 2004. By the time the park closed on

Halloween day of that year vertical construction was well underway.

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Referencing the previous photo with the Carousel, I was wondering if it is still mounted on that trailer today? That trailer is pretty old- it's interesting to think that the ride could possibly have stayed on a trailer in a theme park for so long from 1974 to today.

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