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Do you happen to have any photos from when they were doing the original construction (1974-75) on Fun Fair? Maybe when they were installing some of the different rides?


Happy to hear you like the Spotlight!


We have been looking for construction photos of Fun Fair (as well as Opening Day 1974) for years but so far no luck. If anyone reading this has any they can share please let us know!

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Thank-you! A fantastic Spotlight! Fun Fair was one of my favorite areas. The attractions. Flower Gardens and trees....Again an example of Mr. Le Roys vison...Classic rides mixed with the latest from Europe. All set in a europeon pleasure garden setting.........Thank you again... :hot_air_balloon:

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Below is a great series of photos of the Fun Fair section taken in July 1976, including a great shot of the rarely photographed Safari Shoot Out (Shooting Gallery)!




You can see the Shooting Gallery and the Super Cat in this photo!



Check out the Schwabinchen's colorful floor!



If you look closely on the left you can see the Wild Flower (Troika) ride.









Super Cat coolness!



Special thanks to our member tmac031467 for his contribution to our site!

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The photo of the shooting gallery in Fun Fair is something that I have been trying to find for quite some time. Other than my faint memory of the attraction the only reference I have seen over the years are a black and white picture of one of the targets from a park yearbook and the drawing of the building on the poster size maps from back in the 70s. The structure is much bigger than I recall - I remembered it more so as a portable trailer size game.







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