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How often did you visit the Wild Safari Park?


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  1. 1. How often did you go to the Safari when visiting Great Adventure?

    • 100% Always
    • 75-99% Almost Always
    • 50-74% Most of the Time
    • 25-49% Occasionally
    • 1-24% Not Too Often
    • 0% Never

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Usually I go to the safari every 3rd or 4th visit, so I'm in the middle bracket of "Occasionally." I love the safari, it's a wonderful aspect of the park and it gives some great photo ops! While I'm excited about what the future holds I'm going to miss the drive through aspect immensely as you could go at your own pace.

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We would go the first trip to the park when we got our seasons passes at lest twice more.


My wife hated it. It would really drive her nuts when I would drive on the grass to get around slower cars and "pretended" to "nudge" some of the animals out of the way. The kids always liked it even into their teen years.


We would pack a lunch and at mid day we would eat while going through the park.


The lions always were sleeping. I was mad when the closed off the baboons.

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I chose 1% to 24%, in the 90's when I would take family trips to the park and the safari was free with admission to the theme park we would always start our visit with the safari. Since becoming a passholder in 2008, I have gone to the park around 80 times and went to the safari twice.

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