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Wow I completely forgot to come back in here after signing up last week. Well my name is Chris, and my first time at six flags was in 1989. Up until 2001 I visited the park sporadically about once or twice a year with groups of friends. In 2001 I bought my first season pass for that season. I had a pretty bad experience there that year and did not visit more than once each year again until 2005 when I began buying my season passes yearly through now. I absolutely love the park and wish I remembered a little bit more of its earlier days than I do, but this site is amazing for being able to look at the attractions and events I once loved. Fright fest is my absolute favorite time of the season and I look forward to it like nothing else. I usually visit on average between 7 and 10 times a season with my max in a year being 12.

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Hi, everyone!  So, I made one of these posts when I first joined GAH back when I was... 15? And now that I'm 21, I feel the need to redo this just because I feel as if I am a totally different pe

Hello all! Longtime lurker and member of gadv.com. I finally decided to sign up over here and fully rejoin the Great Adventure family.   My name is Joe. I’m a 26 year old man from Staten Isl

Thanks for posting!Do i say welcome or welcome back Don't worry about feeling like you can't contribute, just like in school, theres usually no wrong question contribution so feel free to chime in w

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Hi everyone, my names is Danny and I've been going to sfgadv since 1997. My favorite rides are El Toro and Nitro. The Robin side of Chiller used to be my 2nd favorite. I never got to ride the Batman side because it was always closed when I went. I've been a sp holder since 2002.



Your also in the IOA Central Fourms with the same posting name. My posting name in IOA Central is LuisRox94.


Luis L.

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Hello I am The Master. I have had a season pass for SFGAdv since 1987 and I have seen a lot of changes in the park over the years. This looks like a very nice site.

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hey here my bio

Name: Robert ( also will answer to Rob or Robi)

Sex: male

Age: 19

Dating Status: Sort of Single ( have a girl i like just not going out although i talk to her everyday)

Birthday: July 11

Currently Living: Eatontown NJ

Hobbies: Music, Roller Coaster, TV, Chatting online, Halloween and freinds

Music: Rock, Metal, Punk, Classical rock, and some Country

Favorite Movies: Remember the Titan or Gridiron Gang

Favorite TV Shows: CSI

Pets: Ferrets, cats, and lepard gekos

How many: 9

Names: The cats- pumkin and midnight, and the ferrets- precious, todo, daise, snowball, and ratrat

Hair color: Brownish

Eye color: hazel



I have been going to GADV since i was little, i currently work for the park ( this will be my second season) most of my co worker know me by robi. the season i was not working for i went to the 74 times (with video camera and camera in hand) but since i worked their last year i went may be ten times.



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Hey all, My name is Robb, most of you probably know me already but for those that don't I am a Mod on Updates and post ocassionally on other good sites such as this one. Im friendly and dont bite and if you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to shoot me a PM.


Fun Facts:

-Jets Fan

-Rangers Fan

-Yankees Fan

-Toro/SROS Fan

-Jack Bauer Addict

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Hey Gang!


Some of you will recognize my screenname from some other sites, and I have just recently signed up here. I don't post too often mostly due to time but I do check the boards almost everyday. My name of course is Pete and I live out on Long Island. On average I make it out to the park about 5-7 times a year but last year was unfortunate because I was only able to make one visit. Now that I have a new job I'm already making plans for opening day! I've been going to the park since 1990 and became a season pass holder in 2000. Well here's a little more info about me....

Age: 24

Sports teams: NY Rangers, NY Yankees

Marrital Status: Engaged

TV Shows: House, The West Wing, Ghost Hunters

Movies: 61*, A Beautiful Mind, Happy Gilmore, What About Bob?


I look forward to meeting some of you at the park this season!








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It has already been about a month since we last posted a reminder here about posting an introduction and since then we've had the pleasure of welcoming about 30 additional members!


We are very grateful to everyone for joining us and taking the time to share your experiences, perspectives, and memories of Great Adventure. If you haven't done so please take a moment to introduce yourself or just say hi! Whether you are a casual visitor, a daily poster, or just a gallery surfer, welcome! :)

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Hi- My name is Jay, and I just joined this site a couple days ago.

This is truly one awesome site, and I've spent many hours already reading all the great stuff.

I grew up being a huge fan of Great Adventure. When I was real young, my family took us once a year, but when I got my drivers license (1983) I started going at least 3 times a year. I moved away in 1993(batman the ride year) and that year was the last time I have been to Great Adventure. My, has the park changed!!

This June I am visiting up north for the first time post 9-11, and Great Adventure is the big plan for my birthday. I am so stoked! Not sure whether to make a run for Kingda Ka or Nitro first, either way the lines get huge quick. Can't wait! JS

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