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Hey Everyone-


Just wanted to let you all know we are about to upgrade to the latest version of the forum software from our provider. We should be seeing the upgrade in the next day or two depending on their schedule, and when the upgrade occurs it may mean the forums are briefly closed while the new software is installed. Once the installation is complete there may be a brief period where our logo disappears or looks odd, so please excuse any weirdness that occurs.


We are looking forward to the upgrade since it will give us a couple of new features as well as working better for smart phones! :)

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We are working on a few issues with the Gallery files. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.


The Galleries should now be set up properly. Let us know if you see anything odd.


The new format allows for better browsing of the images. For example, check out our Costumed Character Collection.

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The edit function still isn't working for me, and it will only let me reply in full reply mode. If I try to use quick reply it just loses my reply.

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^ What browser are you using? If possible, send us a screen shot of the error so we can try to figure out what's up.


Anyone else having this issue?

I am using AOL, not sure how to take a screen shot.

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Anyone having issues of nothing showing up when you click view new content??


Just a tip...


To find the latest posts select "View New Content" in the upper right corner of the forums. Then on the left side of the screen you are now offered the options of changing what you would like to search (forums, members, gallery, etc) and the time period you want to check out (since last visit, past week, past 2 weeks, month, etc).


Hope that helps!

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