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I thought I would add this here because you guys are pretty resourceful and may be able to find something.


The Mike Douglas Show, an afternoon talk show that aired on CBS during the 1970's, filmed a weeks worth of episodes at Great Adventure from May 31 to June 5, 1975. These episodes aired the week of June 15, 1975.


We are looking to obtain access (and hopefully copies) of these shows. The hunt is on. Can anyone help us?



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yea remember it but was working. He useds both the Aqua Stadium and Great Arena. Interviewed Alice in the porch of Gingerbread Fancy, Chated with Mr. Le Roy. And I cant remember the actors name but he went into the Great Foutain and they truned the water Jet on. To bad I was wroking and didnt get to see much.

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Only watched the show when he had on a famous athlete or musician. I vaguely recall watching the GA episodes. Do remember him doing an interview in the arena and riding the Giant Wheel. I'm with you...love to see the videos from his tapings at GA.

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Nice find! I have included the descriptions below. Now, anyone know where these can be viewed or get copies? I have already emailed the Television Museum (Paley Center) in NYC.





June 16, 1975 - Season 13 - Episode 191

From New Jersey's Great Adventure Safari Park, Mike's co-host this week is actor George Hamilton (Week of 16Jun75-20Jun75); guests are actor Kirk Douglas, comedian David Brenner, comic actor Jimmie Walker and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.


June 17, 1975 - Season 13 - Episode 192

From New Jersey's Great Adventure Safari Park, George Hamilton co-hosts; guests are singer Vic Damone, Naturalist Roger Caras and The Four Tops.


June 18, 1975 - Season 13 - Episode 193

From New Jersey's Great Adventure Safari Park, George Hamilton co-hosts; guests are actor Burt Lancaster, comedian David Brenner, 1975 Indy 500 winner Bobby Unser, The Up With People Troupe and Warner LeRoy, the designer of Great Adventure.


June 19, 1975 - Season 13 - Episode 194

From New Jersey's Great Adventure Safari Park, George Hamilton co-hosts; guests are actress Lynn Redgrave, Country singer Tanya Tucker, comic Professor Irwin Corey, Landres the Magician and Motorcycle daredevil Lou Morella. Also a Diving exhibition. Highlights: Tanya sings, "Lizzie and the Rainman".


June 20, 1975 - Season 13 - Episode 195

From New Jersey's Great Adventure Safari Park, George Hamilton concludes his co-hosting duties; guests are actor Kirk Douglas, actress-singer-dancer Juliet Prowse, magician Jeff Sheridan and naturalist Roger Caras.

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If anyone can located them we would still love to be able to see the episodes of the Mike Douglas show that were filmed at the park in June of 1975. Here are some related photos from the tapings.


Publicity photos of the show's host and guests:



Photo of Mike Douglas on the park's Grand Prix ride. Most like from the June 18, 1975 episode that featured 1975 Indy 500 winner Bobby Usner:



The Mike Douglas Show logo and the Great Arena stage entrance painted in a similar logo pattern:








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Here is a picture of Mike Douglas in the Safari Park during the taping of his show.  For any web search experts out there, we are still looking for leads in obtaining copies of the week long show taped at Great Adventure in 1975.


MDSafari copy.jpg

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Here's another great photo from the Mike Douglas Show at Great Adventure in 1975.  We are still trying to hunt down recordings of the week long show at the park just in case anyone runs across the videos.



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I'm just seeing this post about still not finding where to get these tapes and I'd swear that I sent you a message last year that I had found the company that has the distribution rights to the Mike Douglas Show.  Clearly I didn't post anything here on GAH, but again, I know I found the information including address and phone number because I remember thinking OMG, this stuff has been sitting right under our nose.  The company is located in West Long Branch.  Could I have possibly sent you a personal email?  I'll go back through my sent mail folders, but I definitely located the company because I almost fell off the chair when I noticed the West Long Branch address.


Okay, this is NOT the information I believed I had sent you with the West Long Branch address, however, there is a phone number, contact person, and some ordering information on how to go about obtaining specific episodes...




Per the website...


The Mike Douglas Show archives are currently being licensed for professional use in television programs, DVDs, and documentaries.


Out of the 4000+ shows Mike hosted, only a small number have been remastered from the original 2" tapes. The majority of the programs listed on this website have been remastered, but many more episodes and guests are available as well.


Screening tapes of already-remastered programs can be provided to interested parties at a cost of $95 per 90-minute episode. Fees for licensing of clips will be determined separately on a case-by-case basis.


If an episode has not been transferred from it's 2" master tape, the cost for a screener is $200 per program.



555 West 57th Street 

New York, NY 10019 

attn: Donna Fields

(212) 817-5601

email: dfields@kingworld.com

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You did send me that info but it was a dead end at the time.  The info was on the back of a short compilation DVD about the show which I ordered.  

I will try them again being it has been some time. Their note of available issues is new since I tried.   

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